June 15th, 2004

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Fic to Share! My First LOTR.

It's finished! I've written and rewritten and proofed it three times now. Plus made a banner and done the code to add it to our website... (Which is still barely started! Sigh.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn finally got a chance to read it over, too, and caught a few mistakes for me.

If anyone happens to read and notice any others, I'd be delighted to make more changes...

Warning: If you don't like Mpregs and aren't into slash fics, then pass by, please.

This is very mild slash, admittedly. But the mpreg is a major fixture of the fic.

Anyway, for those interested, here it is!

Collapse )

I'm quite proud of myself, really! I wrote the fic, made the banner, did the code and uploaded it to our website, got out almost all our lawn furniture and set it up, cleaned up the living room and tidied up the kitchen and bathroom today.

Marilyn's former boss Dick came by just past five tonight and stayed until 7:30. It was nice to visit with him again. (And I felt proud to host him on the deck in our very lovely backyard! It might not be perfect, but the lawn really does look nice and we've got all our flowers planted and doing really well already.)

Pretty good for people still in the middle of Rose Festival!

Marilyn finished up the editing of the parade today, so she'll be back in the office a full day earlier than usual. Amazing!

I think we'll try to finish watching the second LOTR movie tonight. After many (many) viewings of the first LOTR film, it's fun to be watching this one. (We also finally bought the third film and plan to watch it soon, too.)

Oh, by the way, if anyone wants to read the fic I shared here at our website, the link is here: A Tale Told by Rob Applelore of Bree-land

That's it for now!
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