June 12th, 2004

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LOTR Icon for Evamaria...

I actually made this on Thursday (?)... (I'll admit I'm confused right now. Days seem like weeks. I was talking about 'several days ago' to Marilyn mistressmarilyn earlier and she reminded me that I was actually referring to something that happened yesterday! Oh my.)

But I wanted to post it on Friday (yesterday!!!) and never got the chance!

(Hopefully this will cheer you a little, Evamaria. Sorry things are so rough right now! Let me know if you want me to add initials or anything else...)

For Evamaria shirasade:

I want to post more, but I'm too tired to think. Maybe tomorrow.

My brain is fried and I'm already starting to worry that my moderation posts aren't making sense. LOL.

Indy is currently curled up in my lap. Very insistent that he wants some attention and loving!

We ran out to get Starbuck's late(r) today and I got "Lord of the Rings"! Will start reading it right away...

Must. Rest!

(Happy weekend to my friends...)

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