June 11th, 2004

no way--harry

Crazy, Busy Rose Festival Day!

And if it can go wrong, it will go wrong.

No, I'm not posting just to whine. There's nothing that can be done, so we'll just grin and bear it (I guess)...

The weather continues to suck. It's not raining, but it's damn cold here today!

I'm taking my gloves tomorrow. I've been through that before... (Soaked to the skin with frozen hands!)

We've been 'packing up' the truck for GFP (the Grand Floral Parade) and are getting ready to leave shortly for rehearsal. (I need to rush to the bathroom first, though. Bathroom breaks are few and far between!!!)

Just wanted to post a quick note. Hello, guys! I miss you!

(I did rush in and do some moderation duties, though. I've been such a good moderator lately. Excuse me while I blow my own horn, but I think I've earned the right to brag a tiny bit. ROFL.)

I will not go into our hassles with the sprinkler system. I'll live with it for now.

'Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day!'


Have a good weekend, friends, in case I'm not on again soon.

(Hope I can at least meet Ryan and Peter's kids and say 'hi' to Peter and the crew while they're here to see the parade!!!)

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Holding Down the 'Fort' (So to Speak!)

We decided it would be best if Marilyn mistressmarilyn went to rehearsal alone (right!) and I stayed here 'in office.' (Yes, there will be tons of other people there, so she'll hardly be 'alone.' LOL.)

I'm currently going back and forth between her desk and mine (well, borrowed for the duration, anyway). I need to stay logged on as Marilyn on her computer to pick up her emails and logged in as me on the other comp. for the same reason! That way, if any messages come in regarding the parade we won't miss them...

I'm also trying to get the front desk to be sure not to put any messages into our respective voice mails as this point. If we don't deal with junk directly now, we won't deal with it period prior to the parade! (Duh.) That 'duh' is not for the receptionists, who do a rockin' job. It's for the idiots who wait until mere hours before the parade to try and handle their issues!

This gives me a chance to do my most recent 'icon brag' entry (coming shortly!) that I'd planned to do this morning if I'd had time (I didn't, obviously). Okay, okay. Yeah. I've been bragging a lot lately about icons, haven't I? Well, I need some positive outlet right now, so give me a break, okay? LOL. (This is just a year where if it can go wrong it certainly will...)

Okay. That was a break of around an hour. (I almost died when I realized an hour had passed since I started this entry! Wow.)

It's hard to explain what time is like in here during festival. Time turns so different! It just speeds by...

Well, I'll go organize my icon brag now. LOL.

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no way--harry

More Icon Bragging...

I made these three icons for Marilyn mistressmarilyn:

lotr icon   lotr icon   lotr icon

This is my own current default icon:

lotr icon

This one I might keep. Haven't decided yet!

lotr icon

Honest, Evamaria shirasade, I'm all over Hobbit love! My personal fave pairing is Frodo/Sam. I'm so amazed by Sam's total devotion. It rocks. (And I adore Frodo! I really, really do. It melts my heart when Boromir speaks of 'the little ones' so kindly...)

As you can see, I'm all over manipulations. But the most fun is really with more basic elements, like changing colors and playing with text and frames. LOL.

Terrific. I'd started to type a line and then totally forgot my train of thought when I was finally able to return to it! Ugh. Sometimes you feel brain dead, there's so much to think about here...

I have "LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring" on Marilyn's TV (playing softly in the background, in other words). It's very comforting to glance over at it now and then (as circumstance allows)...

It's the widescreen version. (Annoying on small TVs.) But the picture is so clear! Have I said lately that DVDs rock? They really do. I wish every movie we owned was on DVD... (Could they please come up with a really simple way to convert? Right.)

No! It's almost time for Boromir's death scene!!! One of the most poignant movie moments ever. And one of the most slashy, too! (Yummy.)

I adore Sean Bean, by the way. He's so perfect for 'costume' roles! (Not that I didn't love him

Okay, I officially give up! I'm never going to get to finish this!

We're off to the Float Warehouse and to pick up last minute parade items and drive the route and check the set-up and maybe even have dinner (and sleep) at some point.

Please wish us well and keep us in your thoughts tonight and tomorrow. (Prayers for good weather gratefully accepted!)

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