June 8th, 2004

charlie 2012 beige

More Iconage for Friends!

This time I made a slashy Hector/Achilles for friend Ry ryan_beaches...

Hope you like it, Ryan!

(Yes, I'm still working on a--new movie--"Harry Potter" icon for you, too. LOL.)

Plus, here's the one I made for Marilyn mistressmarilyn:

(I seem to know a lot of people who are all over the idea of Hector/Achilles as a slash couple! Seeing as I'm into that, too, it really works for me! LOL.)

More later, hopefully.

Yes, Peter greyday, I'm still working on the one for you! (smile)

Any other friends can feel free to ask, too. I'm really in the mood to make icons! ROFL.

(And I have nothing better to do. Right!)

Just so you know, I'm favoring "Troy" and PoA icons right now. (I'll do others, but... !!!)

Actually, I have a whole BATCH of "Troy" icons to put at the community! (Need. To. Do. That. LOL.)
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