June 5th, 2004

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"Harry Potter" PoA

Fabulous movie! It's late, so I'll save more until tomorrow (or maybe Sunday, considering tomorrow is parade day!)...

Anyway, I had to make a new Harry icon, he's so gorgeous in this film. Whew. (I'm a total perv--I'm just all over him, Ron and Draco! Yummy. LOL.)

Hermione looks lovely, too. They're all growing up so beautifully!

Well, there were a few things that 'bugged' for both Marilyn mistressmarilyn, but nothing we can't live with! LOL.

Highly recommend that all my friends run right out and see this. The new direction has greatly improved the movie part of the HP legacy...

Good night all!

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charlie 2012 beige

Parade Day Number One: Starlight!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were talking last night on the way (to? from?) seeing "Harry Potter: PoA" about how we're able to cram so much into a day right now!

This always happens during Festival time, but some years it's even more so. This is one of those!

For example, I never thought I'd find time to blog. Or do moderation duties! Those are little extras...

And we've seen "Troy" several times now! And then caught PoA on the first day out! (Okay, so we did it at the 11:10 p.m. showing. Still, it was the first day!!!)

Now we've got to dash to get ready, but if we can do that quickly enough we'll be able to get coffee at Starbucks (tea for me) before heading into our busy day! Fun, fun.

The cats are still in major denial--and making it very clear. Oh my.

(You know, I never even threw in my recent icon-making above. I mean, it's like I'm in overdrive. LOL.)

Well, off.

More on PoA (loved it) later. (It did have some flaws that would have only taken a sentence here or there to remedy. Bugs. But that's the way it goes. Still wonderful and worth seeing. Go. Go!)

Must dash!

Have a good weekend!

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