June 4th, 2004

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One Day Down.

We're officially counting down the weeks left.

Yesterday was both good and hellish. I don't think I trust myself to get into the details, frankly.

But I'm very proud of Marilyn mistressmarilyn, who is an amazingly talented, skilled and professional person. The Festival is so lucky to have her. Seriously.

Okay, after the Coronation ended, we went out for our traditional drink with the Chairman of the event. It was her (Carole) and Marcia (very dear friend--hard-working festival volunteer) and the rest were staff: Jenny, Kelly and Adrian. (Plus Marilyn and me.)

There wasn't room indoors for us, so we were told we could get drinks at the bar and take them outside to drink. We did that. It had been a hot day and it felt good to be outside.

We had a good time and laughed a great deal. Really enjoyed ourselves. Then Marcia and Carole left to head home.

The rest of us had another (very strong) drink. (We genuinely had no clue how strong that drink would be, by the way.)

We got rather rowdy, I guess. Laughing and talking loudly. It was quite late and there wasn't anyone around, really. We didn't curse at all and we were dressed in our uniforms (sans ID badges and name tags, by the way), so our clothing wasn't unacceptable in the least. No foul language and nothing improper about our clothes.

We were all very emotional at one point. We did two group hugs before we departed (Marilyn was in tears at one point).

Then we headed off.

But somehow I lost one of my very favorite earrings. I'm sure it was there.

Today I tried to call the hotel three times to enquire about it. I was hung up on every time.

I found the direct line to the restaurant/bar and called there. I started to say I'd been with a group that had had drinks outside and the man hung up on me.

What the hell is that about?

Yes, we got loud. But so what? It was late and no one was around to speak of. Even if someone did complain, why not say that to me? Why hang up on me without hearing me out?

Obviously I'm writing off the earring. (sigh) But I guess we won't be having drinks there again in future years!

I'd love to bitch them out about it, but I don't dare drag the festival into it in any way. We spend a large amount of our time trying to avoid any potentially bad publicity for the festival.

People gripe about the weirdest things some years, too. We still get complaints about the change from the title 'Princess' to 'Ambassador' (which is pretty standard nationally with courts these days).

Haven't people got anything better to do with their time?

Well, I'm home today and not hungover at all, amazingly enough!

We had to go by the office after our drinks (Marilyn and I, that is) to send out the 'official' email telling people who the new Queen is--and how to pronounce her name.

We didn't get home and in bed until close to two. (A new record, I think! I think the latest we've gotten to bed on this night in the past is probably 1 a.m.)

I'm off to make more icons. I'm really in an icon-making moods.

Do any of my friends have a specific genre they'd like me to use in making them a gift icon? (Yes, yes. Many of you are far better at making them than I, so I'm not referring to you! But if you'd like an icon, do feel free to let me know what type. I'm in a mood to make "Troy" and "Harry Potter" in particular! LOL.)

We did get our tickets online to see "Harry Potter" tonight (at 11:10 p.m.). What the hell--all we have tomorrow is a little thing known as the Starlight Parade, after all!


Can't wait to see it! I'm really pumped up about it...

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Icon Gifts...

For Kimmy* omgimnaked...

Some "Harry Potter" icons:

Ron's qualities

Snape one

Snape two

[I couldn't decide which version of Snape I liked best, so... I figure you can decide! LOL.]

You are so right, Kimmy*! Getting icon gifts is fun. LOL.

(And I love making icon gifts. I just enjoy it so much...)

Hope you like these...

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