May 15th, 2004

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Watering. Watering. (Scripting?)

9 a.m. seems very early to me today! Funny, the days I was up and watering by/before 7 a.m. last week, 9:00 seemed pretty mid-morning! ROFL. (What a difference a day makes...)

Well, we did end up awake and watching TV in the middle of the night last night. That could account for it!

Marilyn's off for her spray tan and then in to work (probably there by now, actually). I've watered the lawn and am sitting down ready to script. (I must get some work done today!)

Wow, this has been a busy, busy week! Whew. Hopefully we'll both be able to take tomorrow off. That would be bliss! (Maybe even sleep in? Naw. Then we'd miss Ryan's countdown on the radio!Can't miss that!)

I reset the sprinklers to come on around 2 a.m. last night. I think I screwed up and set on of the stations to come on twice (or something). I need to try and figure it out today.

In all honesty I'm just going to the panel and playing with it. I've never even looked at the instruction manual! It's so user-friendly I didn't feel I needed to. But I'm sure I did something wrong yesterday. (I might just have set station two to come on first. Weird. Anyway, I need to fix it.)

It's supposed to rain this weekend. And it clearly did rain a little during the night/early morning. But no amount of rain--even a downpour--will penetrate the side yard tree! So I still have to go out and water there!

I really soaked it good today. I'm starting to (finally) see signs of baby grass (I'm a mother again!) there, so I don't want to let it die off because I'm too lazy/busy to tend it...

I'd like to do some 'basic' tutorials for psp7_beginners, frankly. But I just don't have the time.

We need to come up with tutorials that explain in the most simple terms exactly how to do things. We've got a lot of members there, so it's only reasonable that many of them are brand new to the software and quite frustrated. (Sometimes I think we've let the 'easy' stuff go in favor of focusing on the more 'intermediate' things... sigh.)

Well, things are only going to get busier and busier for me as the days pass! I guess come July we'll see what I can do online!

Of course, first I have to get through the Festival and Marilyn's mistressmarilyn surgery. And after the festival there's always this period where I need to do things that have been badly neglected here around the house!

Plus there's this emotional and mental let-down that's hard to explain to anyone who has never worked in special events. You spend an entire year (or more) to prepare for these events (this festival)--and then you're in a fever pitch during the period just proceeding events (the festival). And running in a place that's sort of like an athlete 'in the zone' during the actual events (festival)!

Then it's suddenly over.

Even if things go perfectly, there's a let down. And things rarely go perfectly! Generally there are hitches like the weather, float break-downs, media screw-ups and so on. You get your 'one chance' to make things work--and you don't get a second one until the following year.

Actually, you never get a second chance. The festival or event for that given year is done. Over.

It sounds fatalistic when I write it that way, but naturally it's not. Usually people remember every festival with over-all fondness. But when you produce those events, then it's hard, is all...

Well, off to script!

(I want to go see "Troy" this weekend! We normally never go to movies during our 'season'--but hell, we went to Kid Rock last week! So why not?)

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