May 13th, 2004

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Must. Water.

The grass is going to start hating me if I don't!

The lawn with the new sprinkler system looks lush and lovely (pretty much). The part under the tree that Hector didn't originally seed? Well, I wish he had back when I was being good and watering every single day without fail!

Naturally I knew this would happen. Now we're closer to my deadline and other things are going on (like all the work yesterday) and I don't have the time to spare.


Well, I'm heading out now to water (it's just past 7 a.m. here). An hour from now I should be done!

Then I'll put in a few hours of scripting (!!!) before we head to Victor's funeral. (sigh)

I'm looking forward to seeing Victor's wife Brenda, whom I've always loved. And the rest of the family. It's sad it's under these circumstances.

(Reminder to self. Dig out one of those nice sympathy cards.)

Wow. My facial tic by my right eye just started to go crazy! I guess it's clear that this loss is stressful...

(Or maybe just thinking of seeing everyone again at the funeral. Hard to say.)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn sounded so bad on the phone yesterday because she was in so much pain from the exam.

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Okay, I'm off. More about all that later!

It's supposed to be a sunny day. Good thing! That will help our paint job to draw decently...
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charlie 2012 beige

LiveJournal Problems?

I just wanted to come in and do a quick entry about the funeral (which was amazing--one of the best I've attended in my life).

But every time I tried to log in here at LJ, it keep telling me the username was not found! What?! Come on now...

(That's one of the strangest bugs yet. And I've seen some weird bugs in the past.)

Hopefully I'll be able to stay logged in now. (Hm. That's another weird thing it will do is kick me out for no reason...)

Oh well. LJ. Gotta love it!

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