April 24th, 2004

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The Separation of Friends and State (or something)

Joking aside (LOL), I'm personally delighted that our profile page now separates out who has friended us personally from the communities we belong to! I first noticed it yesterday, so I'll assume that's when it was put in place.

I used to do my poor math and add up who I'd friended with how many communities I belonged to, minus celeb (usually RPG) journals I lurk at. And minus one for my own LJ. LOL. Just to see if everyone I've friended was still a friend.

(Yes, yes. I know you can use various means to check and see if you've been unfriended. I have to just say it generally takes more time and trouble than one quick glance at my profile area, though. I'm sure it's great for those with countless amounts of time online, but I just can't be bothered... LOL.)

I've always felt LiveJournal could find better ways to 'manage' all that, so I guess I'm mainly saying 'good job--about time!' here. ROFL.

Going on 10:00 a.m. here. I must have a second cup of coffee! Now.

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