April 9th, 2004

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Time to Water!

It's just past 7 a.m. here...

Marilyn's (mistressmarilyn) already out the door to work, by the way.

Cousin Linda called yesterday. She wants Marilyn to try and use her ticket connections (in the special events world) to get her a good ticket for Sting when he comes here next October. (Her birthday is near the end of September and she wants to purchase it as a bday gift for herself. She doesn't expect us to buy it--just to help her get a good seat...) Planning ahead is a good thing. LOL.

Just called my sister Sue and wished her a good trip. She's off to a cribbage tournament this weekend. (She wasn't thrilled with the call, though, as she was just climbing into her bath... Whatever.)

Marilyn picks me up today at noon to go into the office. We have a Rose Festival Kids event we'll be attending (that time of year!) and then she goes in to our tattoo artist this afternoon to get the touch-up on her eyebrows (which I think turned out fantastic, by the way). I wanted to go along for the touch-up appointment, seeing as I missed the original one.

If I'd get my ass in gear this morning, maybe I could design the tat for my left arm that I was supposed to get done back in January! LOL. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so I decided to design my own.

Mary Jane's work is fantastic. She did my arm band on my right arm, Marilyn's star on her ankle and the one in the small of her back. (Besides the 'permanent cosmetic' tattooing she's done for both of us, of course.)

I'm not at all surprised how popular that is, by the way. We've got a lot of friends who've had one thing or another done. Nik's (nk_seashore) mom Glo (dayglo_m) has done a ton of it, too. (Even more than we have.) She uses a woman in Miami Beach (Florida) for her work. (No, Glo doesn't have any 'regular' tats. LOL. But members of her family do. I know Nik has an armband, for example.)

Well, I was hoping it would warm up a little before I went out! LOL. (Stalling.) But it's 20 past, so I need to get to it!

Then work on the script, pick out what I'll wear today and so on...

Did I mention I cooked rutabaga for dinner last night? We both absolutely love it and consider it quite the treat! LOL. (Sue hates it and just can't understand why we love it so. ROFL.)

We ate the (excellent) left-overs from the card room for dinner last night. (We got meals there as we usually do. The food is really good!)

Stalling over! Have a great Friday, friends.
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Watering Done! I Might Be Getting This Now...

It's ten past 8:00 and the watering is done...

I may finally be getting this down. LOL. I wore rubber gloves to keep my hands dry with heavy gloves on top to try and keep them warm. My hands are still cold, but not as cold. LOL.

My pants got far less soaked today, too...

While I was out watering our neighbor from across the street (blue house--John) pulled to the curb in his car and said good morning. (We live in a very friendly neighborhood.)

John told me that our neighbor Tom had just had a liver transplant two days ago! (I was thankful he let us know! Sometimes we seem to be 'out of the loop' on these things!)

Tom is in ICU and can't have visitors, but Estelle (his wife) is home alone and could use food, etc. So I'm going to get together a basket for her with a card for Tom (and one for her, too).

Just have to decide what food to take over there...

My hands are starting to warm up! Whee! I didn't need to put them under the water today.

I now need more coffee!

Then the basket, my bath and get ready for later today!
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Easter Eggs? How To Cook 'Em!

I've never been that confident about 'hard boiling' eggs for some reason. LOL.

Anyway, for those interested, we shouldn't be actually 'boiling' the eggs at all. Here is how it should be done...

(All those years doing it the way Mom taught me! You just boiled them for ages to be 'sure' they were done. LOL.)

Anyway, I've got my first dozen (plus three more that fit in the pot) on to cook!

We plan to color three dozen, but we bought four. It seems to both of us as if eggs don't have the strong shells they used to! More and more crack in cooking. (That didn't happen as often when we were kids/teens. Seriously! I wonder what it says about the genetics of chickens! Scary thought.)

If I get them done this morning, we'll have the option to color them tonight (after they're fully cooled)--or do them tomorrow...

One of these days (not at Easter!) I should make some deviled eggs. We both love those!

But for now we're both looking forward to the hard boiled eggs. Yummy!
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Hurry, Hurry! (Must Be Ready When M. Comes at Noon!)

I've got cards picked out for Tom and Estelle (he of the liver transplant).

Okay, I know this isn't very 'Christian' of me, but I had to wonder if he's going to quit drinking now. I've almost never seen him, personally, when he was 100% sober. The interesting thing is that they won't give livers unless they think you're change that habit... I hope (and pray) he's going to 'be good' (at least somewhat) and take care of his new liver.

I have a basket ready for food after I discuss that with Marilyn. (What to send over, that is.)

I've made and taken over two Easter baskets to June's house. One for her to take with her to Condon (to share with her delightful mother Dorothy) and one for her and her husband to have here. (I also got June a stuffed bunny, seeing as she loves them so. LOL.)

I'm waiting to finish 'coddling' my first dozen (plus) eggs so I can start dozen number two. LOL. (I'll probably crack one open to be sure they're actually cooked!)

Still need to bathe and dress for later!

And gather my script materials (etc.) to take in with me to the office to work on!

Rushing, rushing!
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As Easter Approaches... More About Eggs!

Okay, yes I'm spamming. (Amazing considering how busy I am today!)

Oh. I never mentioned that I plan to keep spamming my journal from now on, did I? LOL.

Marilyn and I agree that I should 'journal' here whenever I get a chance. We'll enjoy having the info in the future--even if no one else enjoys reading it. ROFL.

Anyway, I just found the following fascinating info on eggs! (You can teach an old dog new tricks, by the way! LOL. I just shared the egg cooking method with two neighbors, neither of whom knew it! So...)

Collapse )
Interesting, no?

I just had June ask me this morning how long you can keep hard boiled eggs. Now I know it's for one week. (I wasn't sure--and neither was she! LOL.)
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