April 6th, 2004

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The Vacation, The Yard and Rambles...

The (mini)Vacation was wonderful!

First of all, the weather was spectacular. Lovely, lovely, lovely! More like summer than early spring. Or the best possible of spring days!

We both (Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I) love the change to Daylight Savings Time, so that was one boon.

We went last Thursday afternoon to the beach. Seaside, Oregon to be precise. We got a nice room at the Shilo Inn that not only looked out on the ocean (!), but was also on the main drag. (Corner of Broadway and Prom.)

We could see the turnaround easily from our balcony, where we watched the sun setting! LOL.

We took along a couple of beers and some grapes, bananas and cheese, which we snacked on in the room. (The rooms include nice kitchens with a bar and bar stools, a full-sized fridge, stove, microwave and so on. Like we want to do that much cooking! LOL.)

We had a nice (gas) fire and kept the sliding glass door to the balcony open almost the entire time...

We ate a late lunch (early dinner?) at the Vista Sea Cafe (on Broadway). We both had our fave meals, so we were really happy with the meal! LOL. Drank beer, too. (Marilyn could drink as once we'd parked the car we just walked wherever we wanted to go...)

Stupid me! We got there with a pile of CDs to listen to, but I'd forgotten a CD player for the room!

But I had brought along our Fascination tickets! So we went down to the Fascination Parlour and checked out the prizes. They had a boom box-style CD player for 100 tickets. We went back to the room and I grabbed up tickets and went down and 'bought' it. The cool thing is the remote that came with it! (Can't wait to try that when working out and listening to CDs.)

It's funny, seeing as we have so damned many CD players now. (Sigh.) But at least this is the first with a remote! Fun.

We listened to music in the room and watched some TV (yes, we got MTV... LOL). And read books and magazines. Very nice.

It's amazing how much you can cram into a less-than-24-hour period of time, actually! LOL.

We went to the lounge in the evening and had several (pretty weak) drinks and chatted for ages.

First thing the next morning (while I was still sleeping), Marilyn was up and walking the beach! I got up while she was gone and then she came back and we both went for a walk on the beach. It was so lovely!

We had breakfast at the Pig 'n Pancake (a favorite) before heading back to the room to lounge more and then pack to leave.

We were down on Thursday at exactly 4:30 (check-in is 4:00) and left the hotel right around noon (which is check-out time). Perfect.

The drive home was lovely, too...

Marilyn went back to work today. She had piles waiting. (Even a day or two away is like that for her this time of year!)

Hector (Hector's Helping Hands--our lawn service) came with a crew today to put in the new lawn! They thatched and aerated (both down with big, noisy machines) and then put down this dark (dark) layer of soil and seed.

The new sprinkler is very easy to operate, thankfully! So I could figure out how to put it on to dampen the soil without even glancing at the manual. Amazing.

Yesterday Marilyn and I drove up the Gorge on the Washington (state) side. We wanted to go to the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center near Skamania Lodge.

On the way up, we stopped at Beacon Rock. We hadn't climbed it in years. (Not since Marilyn was seriously bitten by a dog up at the top of Beacon Rock!)

I just read the following at the official site:

The trail at Beacon Rock is 1.6 miles long with a 600-foot elevation gain. The trail is well maintained--however it is steep and encompasses numerous switchbacks. Give yourself about an hour to complete this climb, unless of course, you find yourself too in awe by the views to leave. At the top you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the entire Columbia River Gorge.
An hour???

I'd figured it at around 45 minutes to go up years back. (I recall timing us as getting down after Marilyn was bitten and that it took 30 minutes. We were going pretty fast, considering the situation!)

Well, this time around (we figure it at nine years later, by the way!) we made it up in 30 minutes and came down in under 25 minutes! How about that???

I was pretty proud of myself, to tell the truth. That's the first time I've made it to the top, ever!

We did head on to the museum after that. The best part was chatting with an elderly (80's?) woman who was a volunteer there! She was a delight!

We did also go for coffee (Starbucks) in the morning and around 'the island' (Sauvie Island). It was fun (very sweet) stopping at one of the (non-nude) beaches and seeing all the retired people who were out fishing!

This nice weather is supposed to stay with us. We could hit 80 by next Monday!

The good news is that Marilyn's hair appointment that we'd thought was this coming Saturday is actually not 'til the following weekend! (She needs to go in and work at least one day, but that's not even that bad, really. LOL.)

Have I mentioned that Marilyn and I have our tickets to go and see Kid Rock when he comes to town in May? Can't wait. (We finally found his unedited CD from last year at Fred Meyers. Wal-Mart only carries the EDITED versions of CDs. And they don't carry Eminem at all!) His tickets are cheap--only $40 each!

More soon. (Sorry this went so long, by the way! LOL.) I'm really starting to use my blog as a place to keep a journal of my/our activities for future reference...
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