March 27th, 2004

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PowerDVD Software

Becky beckyo mentioned in her LJ about finding a 'patch' for PowerDVD 4.0... (Thanks for sharing, Becky!)

What she didn't include was the link to find it. I thought I'd never figure it out. (sigh) LOL. Opening the actual software then using the 'help' (and so on) method is far more trouble than necessary! LOL.

Anyway, not being quite as stupid as I look (I guess!), I finally realized I just needed to go to the CyberLink home page--then click on downloads and patches. (Or you can DL the actual patch in question directly here.)

Why all the fuss? I haven't tried it yet, but this will allow you to do a more simple screencapture. (Everyone wants that, after all!)

From Becky's entry:
[You can read the full thing here]

When that installs, (it's about 8MB), you should be able to screen cap. A warning though, right click on the little camera, and choose capture to clipboard, otherwise, it's set to default capture to wallpaper. You can capture to many other things, including file, but i couldn't FIND the file it's default set to. [MY NOTE: CTRL-C to open "Configuration", Advanced, Capture. Then you an choose how to capture and set the directory where you want the files to go.]

And the download is free.

You know, I've never had trouble doing screen captures using PowerDVD, personally. But this got me wondering if there were improvements I didn't have! So of course... LOL. (I love DLing and adding new softwares.)

That takes me back to my early computer days. We had tiny hard drives back then. But it beat the days of the double-floppy disk drives, so we didn't complain (much!).

I loved trying new softwares, so I was constantly installing and uninstalling and then installing something else. ROFL.

I've actually got several softwares installed right now that I want to try, but I've been too busy to get to it...
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Birthday Link

Here's the easy link to see all of your friends' birthdays.

(Becky beckyo mentioned it in her LJ, by the way. I've used it before, but I'm terrible about 'bookmarking' links, so... ROFL.)

I will now add this entry to my own memories and not worry about stupid bookmarks. (I'm always losing the text versions, too. Sigh.)

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Belated Happy Birthday Greetings!

Happy Birthday, Missy! (sweet_missy)

(I did send her an ecard, but I forgot to mention it in my LJ! My bad.)

I hope you had a wonderful day, sweetie! (She's now six! Time flies... LOL. Her bday was the 22nd.)

And belated greetings to Father Michael (lj user="michaelkillan">), too. (His bday was the 23rd...)

I'm so awful about online bdays! (Sigh.)

Hugs to both of you!

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Fuse Meme (Clever!)

I really like this... (Not sure why, but there it is! LOL.)

charliemc's Friend Fusion
...and ottoman I'd had them hold for me! (I couldn't face the line a second time! LOL.) It was much quieter stupid does". My subtitle is "Yes, Things Just Keep Getting Better" because that is the theme song to the show, ... ...Mama, but that's the hardest one to accept. I know I'm luckier than many, seeing as I have many straight and ... ...2nd request is for this picture: But erase the background and make it like, purple instead.... and have light purple and ...admit that I play on line erratically at best. I'm super busy in RL (work, school, girls). But I try, okay? ...Jesus Roman - song title? uck uck uck! WAY nasally, boring, crummy, horridly offkey, painful high note. 07 Camile Velasco - ...pretty letters saying "I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic?" Thanks bunches...please help out! < I would like ...these kinds of backgrounds are called. I use psp7, and I would like to know how these 2 background effects are ...
Make your own LJ Friend Fusion

LJ Friend Fusion by hutta
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