February 27th, 2004

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Star Trek Meme!!!

Happily gacked from Becky beckyo!

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Cute! (I am from the Classic "Star Trek" generation, after all. (And, why yes! Mistress Marilyn has costumed as both Janice Rand and Tasha Yar! Very successfully, as a matter of fact... LOL.)

Go Kirk/Spock. (The original and first slash!!!)

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charlie 2012 beige

Icon-age Gone Mad! LMAO.

Well, I've gone from 3 icons to over 20 now...

In the past I've generally used my icon-making skills (such as they are, of course) to make icons for others--and not for me.

So I've generally had only a couple icons. And not very good ones, frankly. LOL.

Odd, when you consider I'm sort of teaching others how to make them. ROFL. (Right.)

Anyway, got on a kick making them for my own use and now I have a batch. About time, I guess.

Makes me want to make icons of all my interests. That would take a lot of icon making!

I'm actually trying to write a fic for a request. Someone I don't know is having a 29th bday next week and wants an mpreg... I'm trying it out. If it works, cool. If not, then obviously I won't be posting it. LOL. Harry Potter. I'd love to write one, but...

Went to a funeral today. A friend from Rose Festival lost her mom. When she got up to speak and was telling about her mom it was so much like our Mom. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were very moved. (I sobbed, frankly.) Yeah, Mom was like that--ironing everything in sight, including my dad's underwear and the sheets! LOL. I learned to iron on his hankies and undershorts...

I got to hold the baby, too. Aisha! She was born the day before my birthday, so I consider her quite mine (in a way)... Darling, with loads of hair. I love babies and always have (since I was just a toddler, actually!).

Our big GFP party was Tuesday night. Quite the turn out, too. I wore my new boots with the high heels (not quite as sexy and cool as my boots that are pumps, but nice) and never sat down all evening! My feet were killing me when I got home...

Lent started Wednesday (duh). I'm giving up all sweets again this year. Candy, ice cream, etc. (They aren't actually on our diet, anyway! LOL.) Marilyn is giving up that and giving up all crackers, too! (Hard.) She's currently eating salad for lunch and drinking liquid protein drinks for dinner.

We're both back to trying to work out every day again. I admit, we didn't do too well Tuesday night! We got home well past eight and were so tired. We were going to take our usual evening 'nap' and then get up and work out later (which we often do). But we didn't wake 'til 3 in the morning! So much for working out when you need to get up in a few hours! LOL.

Well, it's after one now and I'm finally winding down. I couldn't nap tonight (not normal at all), so I need to get to bed!

Did I ever tell you you're my hero?

That so applies to Marilyn for me! She's got a workload like you wouldn't believe. She hardly ever gripes. She (well, and me, too) has to work on Saturday and is entirely up for it! (And she barely gets a 'pee break' at work these days... Sigh.)

Her hours would amaze many people who are supposedly ambitious! LOL. She's just doing what she has to do... (When she gets home before 7:00-7:30, I consider it an early night. That's all year round, by the way!)

Well, just thought I'd mention it. She's something else, running things, doing her own job and still handling PR. Whew!

I need to set up the coffee for morning! LOL. (I'll probably need it...)
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