February 3rd, 2004

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A Trip Down Memory Lane--Part One

Where have I been -- for the most part -- the last couple days? Well, I'm forcing myself -- and I do mean forcing -- to work on cleaning in our office here at home.

It's a chore, but needs tackling badly! We just seem to have so damned much PAPER! (And years of it.)

You'd think the internet and computers would have improved that -- not true! It's scary how much more paper there is to deal with since computers came into our lives.

Anyway, back in the late 80's and early 90's, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were heavily involved in fan clubs. We were President and Vice President of a large, international fan club at one point. And ran several smaller ones, too. (grin)

There were many, many benefits! We 'met' some amazing people around the world in the days before we were active online.

And we were even 'Guests of Honor' -- and ended up running -- a Con back in Louisiana were we did get to physically meet a bunch of these people in person.

(We've been lucky that way, anyway, as we've also gotten to meet several online friends!)

Running the international club was a ton of work! Much like a full-time job. It was also expensive! The next time you join some fan-run club and bitch about the cost of dues, please keep in mind that it doesn't even start to cover the costs involved. We used to figure we were lucky if dues and member donations covered HALF of what it cost!

Anyway, over the years I've slowly parted with tons of the accumulated paper from the club. I mean, it's been 'inactive' forever, so why keep it all? And members were writing us -- especially me as pres. -- constantly! I can't tell you how many file drawers were full of the stuff.

But today as I was (yet again) going through and discarding things, I felt this urge to try and 'find' some of those people that I use to correspond with...

I'm going to try dropping a line to several of them. I wish I knew their (possible) email addresses! Wouldn't that make it easy (easier?) to contact them???

A lot of the club was total bullshit. Marilyn and I were both treated like crap by certain members on several occasions. One of the reasons we finally stopped the club activity was due to this disrespect and nastiness. We're both not into fighting with others or making anyone (our selves included) miserable over anything -- much less a club. (smile) After all, it's supposed to be recreational! Fun!

(Oh, a lot of it was fun, or we'd have quit months earlier...)

Some lovely, lovely friends were made. I wish we'd stayed in touch with all of them!

But we've been lucky about that, too. Often we'll lose track of a friend for months or years at a time -- only to have them reappear later on!

Well, back to it. More later...

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