January 27th, 2004

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Sucky Meme! (Anti-BSB)

This is a very sucky meme that I gacked from Becky beckyo... (No, it's not her fault!!!)

And I mean it sucks! (Who wrote the damned thing, anyway? What if you're a BSB fan and an Nsync fan -- like me?)

Well, here it is, anyway!

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No, the 'soul-less mass-manufactured muzac' I used to 'go on and on about before' most certainly was NOT The Backstreet Boys!!! (I'm not going to get into that 'who sings better' battle here, but I happen to think The Boys have incredible voices! I love the way they sing!)

I came to Boyband RPS via a LONG history of Slash, period. (We were writing it long before there 'officially' was a thing called slash -- and we were there when it became known -- albeit underground at the time!

Hey, we were there when slash got the name slash! So answering that one was pretty damned hard given the so-called 'fair' choices!

Okay, okay, it's only a stupid meme. Get over it Charlie! (smile)

Done. Over it. Moving on now...

I'm still amazed how often there are these little ways of perpetuating the Nsync versus BSB battle, though. Holy Shit. (Sorry, I've cut way back on swearing in recent years, but this just pushed my buttons, apparently...)

Smiling as I think that I started out as an Nsync fan and became a manic BSB fan. (Oh. Yeah. I'm also a major Britney fan. Live with it.)

Off to read LJ entries!

charlie 2012 beige

Another Meme!

Yes, I'm a sheep. Whatta ya wanna make of it??? (smile)

Gacked (yet again) from Becky beckyo. Cute, actually!

Once upon a time there has a young FANFIC WRITER named NICK CARTER. He was VERY BUSY in the DARK forest when he met TERRIBLE RYAN SEACREST, a run-away TEMPLAR KNIGHT from the HORRID Queen JESSICA SIMPSON.
NICK CARTER could see that TERRIBLE RYAN SEACREST was hungry so he reached into his CALDRON and give him his GREAT LOW CARB BREAD. TERRIBLE RYAN SEACREST was thankful for NICK CARTER's LOW CARB BREAD, so he told NICK CARTER a very HAPPY story about Queen JESSICA SIMPSON's daughter MISTRESS MARILYN. How her mother, the HORRID Queen JESSICA SIMPSON, kept her locked away in a HAUNTED CASTLE protected by a gigantic CAT, because MISTRESS MARILYN was so CHARMING.
NICK CARTER YELLED. He vowed to TERRIBLE RYAN SEACREST the TEMPLAR KNIGHT that he would save the CHARMING MISTRESS MARILYN. He would THUMP the CAT, and take MISTRESS MARILYN far away from her evil mother, the HORRID Queen JESSICA SIMPSON, and KISS her.
Then, all of the sudden, there was a SCARY STORM and TERRIBLE RYAN SEACREST the TEMPLAR KNIGHT began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic CAT from his story. HORRID Queen JESSICA SIMPSON RAN out from behind a ROCK and struck NICK CARTER dead. In the far off HAUNTED CASTLE you could hear a BACKSTREET HARMONY.

EDIT: Unfortunately, the site that created this no longer exists. So I've removed the link to 'Make your own Fairy Tale.' (darn)

I had no clue Nick would give Ryan that low carb bread! How nicely did that work out? (Ryan Seacrest is a big low carb man, so that's perfect. I was rolling reading it!)