January 8th, 2004

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3:30 In Portland... All Is Well? (Freezing Rain!)

Just got out of a hot bath. Not really because I was cold, but more because I was achy. (smile)

For whatever reason at around 1 a.m. Marilyn mistressmarilyn just happened to decide to look outside again. Thank God!

We discovered to our complete horror that the level of ice had gone up so high that you couldn't make out where our porch and steps were!

And in back, the ice was high enough to be level -- and slightly above -- the window wells for the basement!!!

We sat on the sofa in shock and dismay watching it pour rain outside. Rain that was now getting inside the window well and turning to ice. The window well is huge -- it runs along four windows that open on our family room in the basement.

We were panicked. This would mean flooding our house! The family room and Marilyn's basement are downstairs...

So we bundled up and went outside sliding -- though not too bad, thankfully -- on the ice. We used the device you aerate the lawn with (heavy metal with prongs), a big shovel and a crowbar to break up the ice for around an hour. It was two and three (and even four) inches thick -- and hard to break! But we just kept breaking it up and throwing the chunks across the backyard. (sigh)

We didn't touch the front, so we'll probably flood some there. But it tends to go downward toward the street and away from the house -- where the backyard was hilled so that it was coming directly toward the house!

The rain eased while we were out there. Good thing, as we got soaked enough as it was.

We made enough headway to feel confident enough to come back in and not just sit wondering what we could do to keep our home from being trashed.

I'll be anxious to see how well we did, of course.

Marilyn just came and told me that it's raining out there again. (sigh)

I've never seen anything even close to this in my lifetime. The tree in the back was creaking like mad and sounded like part (all?) of it could come down on us at any point.

We've got two huge evergreens here. One in the back on the far side of the house, where the tree that was right next to it came down years back and just missed my bedroom -- another even bigger one is in front right by the garage. I can't imagine how they'd effect the house if either one came down. They're covered with the thickest layer of ice you can imagine!

It's heading toward 4 a.m. and we're thinking about going to bed. It's hard because when you lie down you have trouble sleeping for worrying.

But at least we still have power (so far). Food to eat and lots of bottled water -- and our tap water is still running! So many people are without power and water right now.

I can't imagine what sort of flooding the entire city is in for when this finally moderates, though! Where in hell is all that ice going to go when it turns to water?

We've been through this sort of thing in the past and it's been bad -- but we never before had ice this thick! I can't describe what it was like to keep bending down to pick up huge slabs of frozen snow/ice and toss them aside. Over and over and over!

And Marilyn (who was quite ill yesterday) was using this shovel to dig the ice out of the well! She had a terrible asthma attack after we came in.

Well, that's life in the far, far west. (A saying our dad always said that amused hell out of us, for whatever reason.) Sort of a way of saying 'what the hell' I guess. (Dad also loved Murphy's Law. grin.)

I can't wait to talk to Joey fatjoey tomorrow! (We had to break down and actually call our sister Sue at 1 a.m. we were so dismayed about things.)

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Poor Jack!

I was so busy going on about our woes that I forgot to mention poor Jack jackdaniels! Apparently he was one of these people who got so sick from the flu that he ended up in the hospital!

It's been bad this fall/winter so far. I've heard reports of people vomiting blood they were so ill! And I have a friend who has been sick with it for well over two months.

Marilyn and I had colds before Christmas that are still lingering. I think we're finally on the mend at long last, thankfully.

I was glad to hear Jack's mom had flown out -- I think she lives back east somewhere (???) -- to take care of him. I can't imagine what it must be like to be alone and sick!

I want to spend some time on feedbacking fic one of these days. I've actually read quite a bit recently! Some really good stories, too.

And while I'm normally not a fan of femslash, I'll have to admit that Kris' new Britney/Angelina fic is my current guilty pleasure. (grin) I don't know where she ever got the idea she couldn't write! I think she's quite good. And the concept is very clever, taking advantage of Britney's recent marriage and annulment.

Well, it's now after 4 a.m. here, so we should head to bed.

Night all!