August 21st, 2003

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Amazing Brush Images!

I used Kevin's kevinr idea about using fancy fonts and combined it with a couple of nice dingbat images. The brush I created help me to make this image:

Small version

I took my brush -- which I'll share here -- and then selected that lovely pink-ish color. (Not a big fan of pastels, but what the hell.) Using a New image background of white, I applied the brush several times.

Pretty, isn't it? (This is a small version. I'll share the full-size version behind the cut!)

Collapse )

Now to make this -- or any image you want to try -- into a custom brush you can use!

To Make a Custom Brush:

1. First, go to Selections > Select All. (Standard tool palette.)

2. Click on the Toggle Tool Options Window button. (You'll need this open to proceed. It's located on your standard tool palette.)

3. Click on your Brush tool. (Tool palette.)

4. Now, in the upper right-hand corner of the Tool Options window, you'll see a tiny paint brush. Click on this and select Custom. This will open your Custom Brush window.

5. You'll see one of your existing brushes displayed in the window. Click the Create button and you'll see the 'new' brush (shared here) in that window. Now click OK.

All done! (All people have to do is follow those five simple steps!)

If you have any special images you've created with this brush that you'd like to show me, please feel free. I'd love to see these! And let me know if you want a link to some websites that offer free dingbats!

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