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Working on Our Website...

I have to really admire Marilyn mistressmarilyn, who has been working on finishing up some fic series that are just 'hanging' out there. (smile)

She did several (four!) chapters to finish up the "Troy" slashy mpreg "Paris' Confinement" series! (Which I'm happy to report I've finally finished uploading to our website.

As for my contribution, I've just finished up a couple of fic banners! One for Marilyn's fic "Unfettered Rest," and another for her fic "Auld Acquaintances." And -- of course -- I'm working on updating the code for all of the website pages, little by little. We started to 'tweak' the look just a bit back in September of last year (!!!). So it's about time I worked my way through all of the pages...

(Wow. A whole year ago! I can't believe how fast time flies...)

Since NaNo last year, I haven't written much, I have to admit. Well, fanfic, anyway! (grin) I've still done my paid writing, as always...

It's time for bed! I've got loads to share, but it's going to have to wait, I guess.

(Quick!) EDIT: I find it very ironic that Marilyn was working on a "Troy" fanfic -- and now suddenly they're playing "Troy" on cable. It's almost like we can't turn on cable without seeing "Troy"! (heh) Isn't that odd?site stats

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