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Happy Birthday June!

My best friend June celebrated her bday today -- and Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I had all her gifts ready to go first thing, believe it or not! (I wrapped everything last night.)

So we hauled things over and visited briefly with both June and Jim before taking off for the day to the beach...

For whatever reason, I've never managed to mention her birthday in previous years of entries, so I wanted to make a point of it this year!

(September 3 would have been her mom, Dorothy's, bday. She and Jim were in Condon for their sale, working to empty Dorothy's home so they can put it on the market and sell it -- while here at home Marilyn and I watched the indoor cat Misty and outdoor cats Maggie, Molly and Mo. I thought a lot about June that day, knowing how much she misses her mother...)

On the way to Cannon Beach we saw one of those flower stands and remembered that we'd wanted to give her flowers today. So on our way home we stopped and bought a lovely bunch (wish I'd taken a picture of them!!!) and took them over to her house when we got back.

I need to post a separate update entry, but this was the most important thing to be sure and post!site stats
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