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Tutorials Finished!!! (Finally)

Yes. I finally finished the tutorial on how to make gold and silver borders/frames on icons (or whatever)!

They give you this effect:
sample gold border & text  sample silver border & text

For those interested, you can see the tutorial here...

I also did a sort of down-and-dirty tutorial on creating the 'cartoon' effect. But let's go under the cut to see it -- okay? (smile)

I did this effect using a photo of Brad Pitt, taking it from this:
Brad - Cartoon Effect Base

To this:
Brad - Cartoon Effect Final

It's a cool effect, I think... Nothing that fancy, but it works.

Again, those interested can see the tutorial here.

I've been trying to get that 'gold tutorial' done forever (!!!), so I'm quite proud to have finally managed to finish it...

The other tutorial is sort of a 'bonus,' I guess. (grin)

Yes, yes -- there are several other tutorials that remain 'in the works'...

One of these days I might even finish all of them! (smile)

I still need to download photos from our new camera, but it's been so busy around here that I haven't quite gotten to it!

But I imagine you're all dying to see our new kitten Colin -- right? Even sick, he's adorable.

Scarlett was much better with him this evening, by the way. She's still spitting at him every now and then, but it does seem less so than before.

Anyway, hopefully next entry I'll have photos to share!

It's after 3 a.m., so I guess it's well past bedtime.

Oh. We did play tennis today with both sister Sue and Mitch, over at Peninsula Park. Nice courts there! (Photos to come soon...)site stats

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