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An (almost) Perfect Day!

It's been so long since I updated, that I'm way behind on a ton of news!

On Wednesday, August 30, we got our new cat. He's a black kitten (five months old) with lovely brown eyes that we named Colin. (Yes, after Mr. Farrell.) His brown eyes are as unique and pretty as Scarlett's lovely green eyes... Photos will follow very soon -- I promise! He's such a cute boy! And, yes, I'm biased! (smile)

He's sick, I'm sorry to report. It must be pretty common, considering the way our local Humane Society covers the whole 'upper respiratory' disease thing. I guess it makes sense, considering they've got so many cats all together...

We took him to the vet on Thursday. Couldn't see Dr. McCoy (our normal vet), so we saw his temporary replacement, instead. We got the usual amoxi-drops to give him, but they don't seem to be helping at all. I've never seen a cat this sick before!

Of course, if it's viral, then the amoxi-drops won't help, anyway.

Poor baby. He's suffering so.

And Kittie Scarlett is hating him, pretty much, I'm afraid. I'm sure she'll get used to him in time, but right now it's pretty tense and unpleasant, with her hissing at him constantly when he's out and about. (We're supposed to be keeping him shut away in 'quarantine' -- but it's hard, considering how lonely he gets...)

So except for the cat situation, this was a totally Perfect Day. (smile)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn had coffee at Starbucks and drove all the way to Rainier (Oregon) to play tennis, which was great fun. We took a ton of photos of the court that I've yet to download, so hopefully I'll share those soon. The courts are right by the river, so the view is pretty cool. Depending on which side you're on, you're either looking at the river behind the fence of the courts, or the hills in the distance. Lovely as hell.

Don't know if I ever mentioned buying our tennis chairs (???) that we haul around in the trunk of the car -- but they're fabulous. It's surprising how many courts don't have benches these days -- so we just use our own folding camp chairs that we bought just for this purpose!

For that matter, I'm pretty sure I've never mentioned buying our new digital camera! It's the Canon PowerShot A530. I'm really enjoying using it so far, though I've yet to download any of the photos we've taken...

The weather today was perfect! Sunny and lovely -- and just above 80', which is ideal. Totally blue skies.

After getting home from Rainier, we invited both sister Sue and friend Mitch to join us for dinner. We cooked green (yellow and red) peppers and onions -- a family favorite! (Just like you'll often see on burgers at a county fair.) Then we fried cheese burgers and baked hot dogs and had a very typical Labor Day meal that included potato chips -- while the four of us watched U.S. Open Tennis. (Yes, we're all fans!)

Dessert was cherry and pineapple popsicles. I went to the official Popsicle website, but they don't even list these there!!! Trust me when I say they taste great and are our favorite. You can only buy them as individual 'bars,' but they really should sell them by the box!

We watched Hewitt's tennis match and then tidied up a bit. Sue took off and later Mitch headed home, too. While they were here we let Colin out with us, even though Scarlett wasn't happy about it. He's sick and clearly suffering, but was delighted to be with all of us!

Oh. I went over around 8:00 (or so) to do my last check on the neighbor cats. Marilyn and I have been taking care of them since Thursday, while June and Jim were in Condon. Misty (the inside cat) sat on my lap several times. The outdoor cats (Molly, Maggie and Moe) are only half-tame, but they did come nosing at the screen door...

It's late and time for bed, so I guess that's all for now! I need to read and catch up here, as I've been so busy I haven't managed it much recently...

I hope all is well with all of you!

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