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Doctor Appointment. Yes, again. (sigh)

My appointment to see my GP is today. I don't know what -- if anything -- he can do for me, but I hope he can at least give me something for the pain. (ouch)

This time around I typed up an 'outline' of what's been going on with me. Just in case I forget while I'm there to mention something -- which is easy enough to do. Especially with the small amount of time that one actually has to talk directly to the poor, overworked doctor...

And while I like Dr. Chan very much, he does speak English with a very strong accent, so there's a tiny bit of a language barrier going on. (I often have to have him repeat things more than once.) That doesn't help when you've got several things you want to discuss.

Anyway, I've spent a lot of time lying down (much of it in bed) this week, which isn't normal for me. This morning I got up with Marilyn mistressmarilyn, but then went back to bed until around 9 a.m. (Lazy as shit.)


I also slept a lot on both Monday and Tuesday. And then after sitting up and/or walking, I'd have to lie down, too. (Even though I was awake.) Sucks. Especially when I long to be active! (Tennis, anyone? Please!!!)

But in spite of all this, I did get over to help Jim with the computer both yesterday and this morning. I'm tutoring him on some basics, like the use of Windows Explorer for file management.

I also showed June how to find animations on the internet -- and gave her some good links to bookmark -- then taught her how to put these into an email. She loves stuff like that -- and hopefully this will keep her away from things like 'Smiley Central' (etc.), which are big-time bad SpyWare applications! (She was asking me again yesterday why her computer is so slowed down -- and I'm sure it's due to this software and a couple others...)

Yes, I still want to post about June and our talk from Monday, but I haven't quite gotten around to it. (I can only stand to be on the computer for so long before I can't take it anymore...)

Oh. And I'm hoping that my doctor will get me out of jury duty tomorrow. (Keep your fingers crossed for me.) At least help me to get it postponed until I'm in less pain. Maybe with some pain meds it won't matter, though. Who knows? (smile)

The plan is to go to the doctor.

The appointment is at 2:00 p.m. today, just for the record.

Then pick up any meds he prescribes. And if he gives me a note, to take that directly to the courthouse today, so I can totally avoid getting up tomorrow morning. (If I don't get excused, then I need to be there prior to 8 a.m.)

Then we'll come back here and see how I'm doing. If the pain isn't too bad, I'll go back over and work with Jim for a little while. Otherwise I'll come home and lie down.

(And June is always happy to let me lie down there, too, so I could still go over and end up resting at their house...)

I need to pull it together enough to do the garbage and recycling, as it is Wednesday. But Marilyn usually helps me when I've got any 'issues' that might make it difficult, so no worries!

I wonder if he'll tape or wrap me, or what? I wonder if I'll need x-rays? I wonder if he's going to discover that the infection I went in there about is still a problem?

Questions, questions. I have a ton of them, it seems!

I have to mention that I used my LJ to help me write up the medical outline for my doctor!

Because I've kept pretty good track of my medical issues, appointments, etc. here, I could look it all up to find exact dates and so on. Pretty nifty, isn't it? I'm really glad I post about those things. And that I keep good tags!site stats

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