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Update. Jury Duty. Another (?) Injury. Miscellany.

Note my new icon, please. In fact, I'll share it here:

Yeah, I'm a bit screwed. (smile) In more ways than one! (No. I'm not down about it. Seriously. But that doesn't mean I'm not screwed, even so...)

So a couple weeks ago I got a notice in the mail that I'd been called for jury duty for August 24. Seeing as Marilyn's two-week vaca starts on Friday, I filled out the paperwork and asked if I could postpone serving until mid-September.

I waited to hear something, but never did. So yesterday I phoned about it. The guy was quite rude, for the record. (Or maybe I should say the typical unpleasant jury room person, as per my past experiences...) He informed me they'd never received the paperwork and that I'd have to serve at this point. (It's too late to do anything about it, I guess.)

So guess what I'll be doing on Thursday?

(Marilyn mistressmarilyn was pretty pissed off when she heard, seeing as she mailed this for me herself at the Main Branch of the post office downtown! I'll crack it up to incompetence, I guess...)

I could rant about the rude things that guy said to me, but I'll spare you. What an ass!

So what else???

Well, I also managed to pull something around (on?) my rib cage on Sunday. Actually, to tell you the truth I'm not sure that's when I did it. I may well have pulled something back when I had that fall in the shower. My leg hurt so bad at the time that I didn't notice other injuries. As a matter of fact, a day or two later my hand/wrist was killing me, so I know I must have hit it in the fall.

As for my rib pull, I figure it could be a combination of things that made it suddenly hurt again.

One, it's been hot enough that I've been sleeping in the nude lately -- and kicking off the sheet quite a bit. (Keep in mind that I'm having hot flashes again and didn't get to speak to the doctor about it when I was in...) So I'm often chilling muscles, which is not good.

Two, we did play tennis for around and hour and half (when you minus out breaks) on Sunday. It was quite hot -- and I was really moving hard for the ball (as Marilyn pointed out to me). I'm not in great shape (yet!!!), so it's easier to get an injury while playing.

Three, I'm also having pain in my back -- which may still be related to the infection I had. Clearly they weren't 100% sure they'd cleared that up when I was in there again, so...

Four -- as noted above -- this might be related to that fall. I'm not sure it is, but it seems possible.

But note that I actually did this at home Sunday after tennis, while changing. (Unless I was re-injuring it, of course. But who knows?) I just moved some way and suddenly was in the most horrible pain. It was like having a stitch in your side from running. (Yeah, right. A very bad stitch!) I've never felt anything like this before, but Marilyn thinks I may have pulled the muscle from the rib cage.

Anyway, I'm bummed, as clearly the only thing that's going to help this sort of injury is to rest.

And I'm dying to play tennis! I'd planned to practice my serve on Monday.

And I can't ride my bike or anything else, either. Damn.

I was in so much pain yesterday that I finally broke down and phoned for (another) appointment with my doctor. Oh, and as an aside -- it came up while setting this that the front desk had never changed my primary care physician way back when! They still had me down with Dr. Norris -- who I believe I only ever saw once or twice. (They are so incompetent up front that it doesn't bear going into. Like the many times they've lost my mammogram results...)

I should have a terrific time trying to explain this to my doctor. (sigh)

Yeah. I'm accident prone and always have been, since childhood. It may well be tied to being left-handed, but whatever the reason is, it is what it is. So I just have to live with it. Whatever.

One of my reasons for going to the doctor is that I'm concerned that if I get on a trial as a juror I'll really suffer. The last time I served the judge didn't allow almost any bathroom breaks, much less other breaks. (In fact, he only gave us half an hour for lunch. Which would be fine, except the building no longer has a lunchroom -- and it takes forever to get through the intensive scanning, etc. when coming into the building. The screening can take 20 minutes or more -- which doesn't leave time to find a place to eat, much less order and get served food! There's a coffee house on one corner, so you can get coffee, but that's about it. Even if you take along food, where are you supposed to go to eat it???)

Currently I can sit up -- say to the computer -- for short periods of time. But if I had to sit for hours on end? Yikes.

Yes. I have issues about serving.

For the record, I've done so twice in my life to date. The first time was when I was in college, back when you served for four weeks in a row. That experience wasn't too bad -- and I actually enjoyed parts of it. I was on several trials and served as foreman many times, as well.

The second experience, which took place a couple years back, was awful, however. In fact, when I tell people about it they immediately decide they never want to be called on to serve. Which is pretty much how I feel about it, too.

For that matter, who does want to serve? It's been years since I heard someone complaining that they don't ever get the chance to serve. I think most people hate getting called for jury duty and hate serving.

I had a bad enough experience that I personally feel very down on the entire jury system. No, please don't waste your time telling me how it's the best system in the world. (Especially if you've never actually served on a jury.) I used to be the gung ho type about this, but I doubt anyone could change my mind at this point...

I think they'll be pretty sorry if I get called for Grand Jury, with my attitude! (heh)

Oh. And I visited June and Jim yesterday. June and I drove all the way to St. Vincent's hospital to see Mable (from the church) who has had a stroke and isn't doing well. We took her cards, a gift and flowers, but she was pretty out of it when we got there. We left her a note, but who knows if she'll understand? Poor old thing...

June and I talked for hours. I'm very, very worried about June, frankly. But more about that in another post. (Maybe filtered?)

Speaking of June, I'm headed over to see her and Jim again -- and help with some computer-related things. More later!

Sorry this was so long!site stats

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