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Paint Shop Pro Request from annemieke_1989.

annemieke_1989 -- who is a member at psp7_beginners -- asked for help creating an anniversary image for her parents. Seeing as I ended up doing several versions, I decided to post them in my own journal, under the cut. (Rather than at the community.)

In other words, most of you won't be interested in looking at these, I imagine...

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how these are being used -- but hopefully annemieke_1989 will tell me at some point... (smile)

This is the original version -- before I realized you wanted to combine the keychain and the rings. (I thought you wanted to make the keychain overlap the way the rings did...)
anniversary keyrings - silver, orginal version

Here's version 1, with silver rings and overlapped keychains.
anniversary rings - silver, version 1, combined

Here's version 2, with sort of 'artsy' gold rings and one keychain.
anniversary rings - gold, artsy, combined

Here's version 3, with only one keychain and silver rings.
anniversary rings - silver, version 2, combined

Here's the final version, with one keychain and gold rings.
anniversary rings - gold, combined

I'd love to know how you plan to use these (a program, sign, whatever) -- and to see the finished product, if possible, too!

Anyway, I hope they work out for you... (smile)

I can sit at the computer to do something like this if I don't sit there for too long. Which reminds me that I haven't posted about my current injury, yet. (sigh)site stats
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