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Wonderful Weekend!

The weekend started on Friday, actually. We got our manicures (mine is actually pink, which is strange for me) and later played tennis until the sun was down low enough to make it impossible to play any longer. (smile) Fun, fun!

We also worked on the Andre Agassi moodtheme that Marilyn mistressmarilyn had mentioned she wanted after seeing the Rafa Nadal one I'd done. I mentioned the Agassi moodtheme here, but I just discovered that for some reason I still had that entry 'private' -- dummy me! (I'll often make an entry private when I'm first posting it. That's partly because I'll type it directly in and want to either check it for errors or add to it. But I usually remember to change it to public when I've finished up!!!)

Anyway, Friday was a good day.

Saturday was the pool party for festival staff at Sue and Dennis' house. On Friday Marilyn and I had told Mitch we wanted him to go with us, but we weren't sure he was interested. But come Saturday he agreed to go! So the three of us went together and spent the afternoon there.

They had margaritas, tons of food, a gorgeous pool (for those who do pools) and lovely surroundings. People showed up with little ones in tow and a good time was had by all!

Here's some photos from the pool party...

Jeff, Keith and Mitch lounging...
pool party

Baby Katie loves the pool!
pool party

Jeff's three daughters in the pool...
pool party

Rachel and Owen having fun!
pool party

(No. I didn't take these. For some reason it didn't occur to me to bring along a camera!)

Sue and Dennis just moved in to the house last November, so they've been working on it a ton. And doing a lot of the work themselves, by the way -- like hanging windows, painting, staining the cedar fence and on and on. It's big and beautiful with a deck off the master bedroom that has a view to die for. (And you can get an idea of their backyard and pool from the photos I've shared here.) I must admit that just taking a tour of their house was a highlight!

And imagine this: The door was wide open when we arrived and we just walked in and all the way through to where our hosts were located in the back yard! They left that door hanging open the entire afternoon! It must be a pretty damn safe neighborhood...

When we mentioned tennis (we had our bags in the car), they told us there were courts just 'up the hill.' They weren't kidding, either! When we left we found those courts just a short walk away -- very nice, too.

Let's just say that this party for the staff was the opposite end of the spectrum from the staff picnic! And we didn't need to lift a finger to help. (In fact, I offered -- but Sue turned me down flat.)

It was a hot day, I have to say. By the time we left we were all done in. Finding shade had become impossible at that point. So we ended up coming home and napping. (Though I think Mitch went back to his realtor studies on the computer...)

By Sunday we were dying to play tennis! But we had to run some errands first. It was also Mitch's 50th birthday -- and we wanted to spend part of the day celebrating with him!

We phoned Mitch (via cellphone) from the store and found that he, too, wanted to start out by playing tennis! So we went directly from shopping to meet him at the courts. Yes, I changed my pants in the car and we both changed into our tennis shoes there. (smile)

We ended up playing for and hour and 45 minutes, even in that incredible heat! And what fun we had! We were all playing pretty well, too. (grin)

From there we went up to buy Mitch a cake. We'd separated at the courts, but when I went in to the bakery, Mitch was already there looking over cakes! So I let him pick one out that Marilyn and I paid for. Then he headed home to his house and we headed to our own, so we could all clean up and get ready to go out to eat. Then we phoned Mitch and asked him if he wanted to have the cake at our house or his -- and he decided on his house. So we took along the cake and some ice cream when we went to pick him up for dinner.

Next we went to Chang's Mongolian Grill over on Hayden Island. Mitch had never been before, and it's a long-time fave of Marilyn's and mine. (I'm slightly amused that the website makes a point to say that the entire meal is "All for just one price" -- actually, all beverages are extra, including soft drinks, tea and so on...) I must admit that I've been dying to go there for months, so I was glad that Mitch had decided in favor of my suggestion to go there. (Yes! We did let him pick, even so.) The food was really good -- and is good for you, too.

After dinner we headed back to Mitch's house. Marilyn and I had been there in some time, so it was fun to look around the yard. Then we had cake and ice cream and finally Mitch hauled out his Bocce ball set and we played a game. At the end it was getting dark enough that it was hard to see the pallino!

Finally we went inside and Mitch opened his cards and gifts. The funniest moment was when he opened what was supposed to be a new can of tennis balls. I'd grabbed a can that I'd assumed was new, but Marilyn had stuck some used balls there, so I'd wrapped up the wrong ones!!!

Happily we got a few good photos to remember the day, which I'll share here...

Here's some photos from Mitch's 50th...

Mitch standing by Buddha...
Mitch's bday

Mitch and Marilyn:
Mitch's bday

Mitch's mini-Stonehenge:
Mitch's bday

The "Harry Potter" bday cake:
Mitch's bday

Mitch and his cake:
Mitch's bday

Mitch and cake with candles lit:
Mitch's bday

Mitch blows out his candles:
Mitch's bday

Marilyn and Mitch playing Bocce ball:
Mitch's bday

Charlie and Mitch with his cards and presents:
Mitch's bday

Charlie and Mitch having a good laugh!
Mitch's bday

Mitch's cat Casper watches the fun:
Mitch's bday

Anyway, believe it or not I have a ton more to update on! But I need to run and see friends, so I'll try and post again later...

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