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Feedback Feedback?

I know it's probably ridiculous, but I really feel there's something wrong with authors who don't take a minute or two to acknowledge the feedback they receive...

It doesn't take all that long, after all.

In this case, I'm referring to private feedback, mostly. For those who might not know, that's the feedback that's sent directly to your email. (In other words, it's pretty hard to say you didn't see it, unless you're getting over 80 emails a day. LOL.)

I realize that when people fb 'on list' (somewhere like Yahoo groups, for example) that it is very easy to miss these! Many of my friends are on no email. That means if they don't happen to go in and 'visit' a given home page of a given Yahoo group, they very well could miss an fb given there...

This is a mini-rant, mainly because I've actually been reading a number of fics lately (which is a big deal for me, as I rarely find the time to do that). And I've been actually sitting down for several minutes to offer feedback to authors who are new to me!

I guess I needn't say that these authors haven't responded to my fb, right? ROFL. Not one of them. Not one word.

It's one of the things that's always impressed me about the authors Kevin kevinr has at his website, actually. I can't think of a time that I've written an fb to one of them where they haven't replied to it. (Naturally they all know me now, but there were days long past when they didn't. And the same was true then, too...)

Actually, I think that might be how Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got to know Kevin and Nik nk_seashore in the first place! LOL. Writing them fb and having them write back to us. (I've unfortunately had so many computer crashes that I've lost a lot of my old saved emails. Otherwise I suspect I'd have those communications right now to look back on. Damn crashes. I'd love to know for sure...)

Anyway, there's nothing quite like an author who turns around and writes a nice, friendly response to a feedback. It's a terrific way to make a new friend (who has like-minded interests), too.

I hope I've always been good about it. I think I have. I don't get all that much feedback, but I appreciate every line that I get.

And unlike many fic authors, I don't care what kind I receive!

Yesterday I got three feedbacks on my recent fic. The first suggested where I should take my current series. (smile) The second disagreed with the first and made a different suggestion. I responded to those and then the third answered my response... LOL.

There wasn't really mention of the fic, per se. But it was clear both readers were enjoying it--enough to make suggestions! LOL. (I don't know why, but unlike many authors I don't find that annoying. I actually find it rather endearing...)

Just got a phone call from sister Sue. She's got another mini-crisis. Seems like she gets so many of them lately. Sigh.

I have several entries (spam, anyone?) that I'd like to write today. And I haven't been by my friends LJs... (I had a moderation mini-crisis to deal with first thing this morning. Sigh. At a Yahoo group that is so inactive it's ridiculous to have a crisis of any kind. ROFL.) Well, I might not get to things at all today. Damn. Oh well! LOL.

If Marilyn can keep her chin up all the time with the stresses she faces daily at work, I imagine I can face my silly little problems with equal equanimity.

Reminds me that I sincerely want to write about that discussion we had at work last Saturday regarding good and bad stress!

I'm off. Have a great day if you happen to be reading!


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