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Frustrations and Impatience...

I'm not in a patient mood today. I'm not sure why, but I'm not. So I'm currently trying to fight back my annoyance...

I just returned from mammogram number two -- plus two (count 'em -- two) ultra sounds. (sigh)

That appears inconclusive, though I personally believe if they felt there was a problem they'd have had me talk to the doctor -- which they certainly did when I went through this three years ago.

So I came home ready to set up my consultation with a gynecologist about potentially getting a hysterectomy. So I called the clinic on the card, taped to a sheet of instructions given me by my primary care physician. The doctor I ask about is no longer with them. She left the clinic two weeks ago. They've no idea who I should see. I've certainly no idea who out of their five other doctors I should see -- seeing as I'm going by what my doctor has given me!

I get disconnected in the middle of trying to determine if they accept my insurance or not. I call back my own clinic and ask about more details. I talk to the 'referral' expert, who says I can see anyone at the clinic. But she can't guarantee my insurance will cover surgery until after I've had a consultation.

I call back for an appointment. They set one and then determine they do not accept my insurance even for consultations! Now I call back my clinic and ask to speak to my doctor's assistant. The nurse isn't in today, so I'm forced to leave a lengthy message.

In the meantime, I didn't receive my pelvic and pap last Thursday, the doctor reasoning that I'd get that when I say the GYN. Right. Plus in the midst of discussing several medical concerns, I forgot to mention my expired prescriptions. So now I can't get those refilled until I speak with the nurse -- and I've already had one extension -- and am out of pills. (Imagine being so wrapped up in other talk that I failed to mention my medicines to the doctor!)

So now what? Needless to say, I'm not getting a hysterectomy -- however much I need it -- if it's not covered by my insurance. This was supposed to be our 'solution' to me remaining on progesterone -- the now questionable hormone -- and a second medication I take to avoid constant bleeding. (Apparently due to fibroids.) I assume I'll now need to set up yet another appointment with my doctor, to do the pelvic and pap we skipped on Thursday -- weren't we clever? I'll have to sit around on my hands until the x-ray clinic sends me the results of my latest mammogram/ultra sound... I'll basically have to stew about all of this, as I'm not feeling extremely patient for whatever reason.

I need to take some medical papers to my doctor's office, so may get out and bike over there. The exercise might be 'just what the doctor ordered.' (Yes, the pun in this case is intentional.) Maybe I'll be in better humor afterwards.

Funny, as Marilyn took off work to take me in for the appointment. (After I had a 'misunderstanding' on the phone with my older sister Sue this morning.) And the two of us were in good humor and laughing...

(Phone calls like these can apparently put the most pleasant day into chaos. Kaos? That's a Nick joke.)

I should just go and do some laundry, housework or deliver that paper to the clinic. Ranting really doesn't accomplish much, I find. Though I'm calmer now and feeling silly for letting this get blown out of proportion, even for a few minutes. (smile)

A sense of humor goes a long way in this life. I'm glad I have one -- and can usually remember to use it. (I'll just ponder MM's hot dream she was telling me about and let this blow over...)

Interestingly enough, I was sort of looking forward to a hysterectomy. It might have improved my quality of life in the long run. It's so frustrating to have 'break-through bleeding' almost every time I do any physical assertion. I've always been able to lift heavy things and bike and walk and run and so on without concerns. Now I can start to bleed from scrubbing the floor. (sigh) Well, no use letting that get me down. I'm sure we can come up with something else...

Hm. The weather's starting to look 'threatening.' I wonder if we're finally going to get that rain they've been promising us. (grin) I'd better go if I'm going to.

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