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Image Placeholders -- Just for the Record!

I got a timely response to my question about the image placeholders problem, which I'll share here. (I'll probably want to mention it over at l_j_for_dummies at some point, too!)

When changing your Viewing Options here at LiveJournal, you'll want to keep in mind the following regarding image placeholders!

If you don't tend to define the size of your image (width and height, in other words), then LJ will automatically treat that image as large.

I used to define this religiously in the early days when I first learned how to use HTML, but when I discovered that it was all about the alt, I focused on that, instead.

Clearly it makes perfect sense that LJ needs some way to tell the size of any given image, though! (duh) I don't know why that didn't occur to me before, frankly.

But if that's so, then why did it display fine in my Recent view -- as opposed to my Friends view? (hmm)

Anyway, I've gone back to no placeholders, needless to say. (Which is much easier than starting to define the size of every image I share!!!)

For the record, I was using this as an easy way around my viewing issue with various friends/communities. Far too many people post without using an lj-cut -- and it drives me crazy! So usually I just go in and filter people and communities out of my Default View.

The problem with that 'solution' is that I'll often forget for long periods of time to go back in and change the filter back again, so I can include everyone. (sigh)


I could always 'bitch' at people and mention the lj-cut more often. (I've certainly done it often enough in the past, after all!) But I've gotten tired of doing that. I have to do it often enough as a community moderator...

So much for easy answers!

But it was nice to get a quick reply from LJ Support!site stats


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