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Harry Potter Fanfic...

First of all, I never, ever thought I'd write "Harry Potter" fic.


Well, there are several reasons, really.

First, I happen to love Rowling's writing. I'm personally more intimidated by writing book-based fanfic than by fic based on movies, TV and so on. LOL. (The better the author, the more it bothers me, I suppose.)

Secondly, being American I'm bothered by reading incorrect British-type HP fics. Actually, after reading parts of several HP fics (which I've done lately), I notice that many authors don't even seem to attempt to use the Brit-type references that you find throughout the series of books. I wonder WHY?

I'm also a fan of RPS featuring Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell. But there are an awful lot of authors who can't write either one them well. And they don't begin to capture Simon's Britishness. (Hell, read his book! He's always using Brit slang, etc.)

Shockingly enough, I've written the first chapter of an HP Mpreg series! ROFL. I was inspired by a bday challenge/request...

(Those interested can find it--and my fic banner--here.)

Hopefully I've managed to make it sound at least somewhat British! (It's pretty tough to keep any of the HP characters 'in character' and realistic if you can't make them sound British! LMAO.)

Off! It's a beautiful day here and I want a nice bike ride today. (I need the exercise, too!)


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