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Characters versus Celebrities

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I have been discussing this quite a bit lately...

Partly because of "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" last Friday. Let me explain! David Soul (the original Hutch of "Starsky and Hutch") was interviewed by a fan at the premiere of the new "Starsky and Hutch" movie. (Two fans were sent by Ryan to do this--well, to do interviews of all the celebs, really. LOL. They were there because they wanted to meet the two original actors!)

[EDIT: Can't believe I'm already editing this! But I forgot to mention that when it comes to David Soul I can speak with authority. He was a 'guest' of the Rose Festival one year, way back...]

And partly because of our friend Evamaria's shirasade recent LJ comments about Leonard (ugh) Nimoy, too. (Got Marilyn and me talking about this yet again on Sunday.)

Anyway, reverting back to Friday's 'On Air,' one of the fans was very eloquent in expressing the feelings of long-time fans like herself to Soul and Glasser. Paul Michael Glasser (the original Starsky) was incredible and genuine and decent. (Always has been, actually. I can't recall one time over the years where anyone said different.) But David Soul was an ass. (By the way, it was interesting to see these two 'die hard' fans of 29 years! I immediately wondered if they were part of the slash set that was so very active in past years. LOL. I didn't recognize their names, but it's been a long time now...)

Anyway, it was no surprise about Soul. Even in 'the day' when he was 'somebody' he was a total ass. (As Marilyn said, Glasser probably hated working with the guy! Thankfully that doesn't spoil my total vision of their characters slashed with one another for all eternity! LOL.)

It's all one of the drawbacks of being in special events, I guess. You meet and hear genuine stories (meaning not rumor-type) about far too many celebrites! LOL.

As I said at work on Saturday to a friend, I don't ever go by one experience to make this decision, personally. Celebrities are no different than you or me--they can have a bad moment or bad day. Just because the meeting is set in stone for a fan doesn't mean it's the most important moment for the celeb, after all.

But when you hear over and over and over again about how a celeb has been a complete ass? Well, that's proof enough for me. LOL.

David Soul was--and clearly still is--an ass. I guess this leopard hasn't changed his spots.

And I guess that because many actors are often genuinely insecure and/or shy people, it should come as no surprise to hear how many of them are asses.

Being a huge "Star Trek" fan for forever (since the airing of the original--or 'Classic' as we now say--series), it was a major disappointment to find out what asses both Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner are. I was quite disappointed when I was younger, of course! LOL.

But Marilyn and I had discussed this as teens. We had opportunities to meet people we adored--and determined it was probably better not to! Why risk having bad feelings about someone and something you love?

As Marilyn said again on Friday (and over the weekend), it's always important to separate the actor from the character they portray. You can love that character without even liking the actor...

We (Marilyn and I) have met way too many celebs, I guess. LOL. I'm jaded enough now to believe celebs are far more likely to be unpleasant to meet than pleasant! ROFL.

Aside from our activities via the special events community, we've also been very active in various fandoms--especially the Sci Fi community. (Since the 1980's to be specific, if that matters. LOL.)

Over the years we ran three different clubs--one which was an international club. The later afforded us the opportunity to interact directly with studios, producers, agents, actors, other clubs and club officials--and on and on. In many ways a really rewarding experience. But there's a down side to everything. LOL.

Aside from Nimoy and Shatner, don't get me started on Walter Koenig (Chekov from 'ST'). Or Patrick Stewart (from 'ST:TNG'). Ugh! But George Takei (Sulu) and James Doohan (Scotty)? Wonderful. Every time, too...

And though Gene Roddenberry did not impress when we met him years back, his wife Majel Barrett was very nice--and very interesting. A total lush (with expensive tastes in booze), though. I have to wonder if I ever saw her entirely sober, regardless of the time of day. ROFL. (I love some of the stories she told me about Gene and what a pain he was to live with! LOL. A total sexist pig, apparently...)

I've heard tales from friends in fandom that would curl your hair! Obnoxious behavior that had many of us losing interest in series we loved--because we had such a hard time recalling Marilyn's credo to separate the actors from the characters!

This past Saturday while discussing David Soul at work my friend mentioned her boyfriend meeting a member (he loved) from a favorite band. The experience was so awful--and the person he met such an ass--that he told her he wished he'd never met him...

And people wonder why when staying in the same hotel as The Boys that Marilyn and I go out of our way not to encounter them?

Hell, I personally believe that most of them are wonderful guys. (I've heard exactly that from many friends who have met them.) But why risk it? I'd prefer to believe that--and not be there during that one bad moment (or bad day).

Besides, those 'teenie days' when I wanted so much to meet celebs are long gone. Having met was too many of them as a club president--and in the events world--I'm jaded, as I said. LOL.

I do feel blessed to share the amazing acting of so many actors that I don't personally like as people, though! It's never ruined Charlton Heston's roles for me that he's the right-wing ass I know him to be, for example.

It did ruin Jimmy Stewart for my Dad when he encountered him while staying at the same hotel years back. Dad was never one to care much about celebs. He served in the army aircorps (as it was called then) with a couple of them during WWII, actually. To Dad, they were just guys like everyone else! LOL.

But Jimmy was a pretty big ass in front of Dad. And that story was shared around a lot! Every single time I turn on a movie with him--or flip past one (like "It's A Wonderful Life"--I'm not a fan)--I think about that encounter/story.

I wonder what Jimmy Stewart would have thought if he'd known how many people we told that to?

Oh, hell, he was probably such a big ass that he wouldn't have given it a second thought. LMAO. That's the main thing to remember with most of these asses. They really don't give a damn about their fans! In fact, they often pride themselves on not caring!

A friend of Marilyn's and mine worked on "Star Trek:TNG"--after years of being a very 'serious' Star Trek fan. He was referred to on the set as a 'recovering fan.' LOL.

The stories he shared! Oh my. It was truly TMI.

Can I admit I don't want to see the roll-away walls of the "Bonanza" sets? Even today? Give me my illusions, please! LOL.

There are many, many famous (infamous?) celebs who were/are awful to people--especially fans. Bing Crosby comes to mind right away (of course). Actually, Nimoy and Shatner are both near the top of that list, too! (Trust me when I say you don't even want to begin to hear the long, long list of incidents I could relate both first person and from stories related by mature and trustworthy individuals.)

Sorry if this bursts any bubbles for anyone, but facts are facts!

I'll avoid going there with some current celebs we all know and love. Again, Marilyn and I know too much, I'm sure. LOL. (Ask Kit alex_and_kit. He, too, is involved with events, so he's had the same experiences...)

But when it comes to characters versus celebrities, I can say without a second of hesitation that the characters will win almost every time! LOL.

I just realized that discussing celebs is something I could probably do all the time. I have a ton of stories about different celebs! LOL. Which I rarely share online, by the way... (I guess I hate to ruin illusions for others--in case knowing the facts about these people might do exactly that.)

Well, as Marilyn and I have discussed so many times over the past couple of decades (especially right after some 'interesting' encounter), celebs may well be celebs, but they're only people, after all. They've got the same flaws and short-comings that we do.

I guess it only bothers me when these are so out of control and hurtful to people! (Why be rude to younger fans, for example? What possible excuse can anyone have for being unkind to children and pre-teens on a regular basis?)

Well, that's it for now!

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