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The Fair and my Tutorial...

No. We couldn't get in this morning to get our pedicures. (sigh) They were just too damn busy there. (They've even opened a second shop on the island, it seems. But they couldn't fit the three of us in, either!)

But Mitch did join 'the three sisters' (as Sue, Marilyn and I often call ourselves) for our trip to the Clark County Fair! None of the four of us had ever been before, interestingly enough, so that in and of itself was news worthy, I guess. (smile)

That is one huge-assed Fair, I have to say. And it draws just tons of people. (Why are so many people off work on a Friday, by the way? Were they all on vacation???)

We saw llamas and cows and pigs and quilts and crafts and cooking demonstrations and carny folks and rides and booths set up everywhere and jewelry and on and on and on. Very entertaining! And we ate Yakisobe Noodles and Green Tomatoes and Dippin' Dots (among other things).

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I also bought a few fun things (like inexpensive bracelets and necklaces).

A good time was had by all. (grin)

We came home and promptly took a nap. Marilyn got up and went to play tennis with Sue and Mitch, but I stayed home with Scarlett. I was still sleepy and out of it...

I'm always torn, of course. I want to go play, even when I'm tired or don't feel that well! I love playing tennis so much. But they stayed for a couple of hours, so I'm glad I didn't go. (I'm still trying to convince myself that's true, by the way!)

I started to seriously work on my tutorial about making gold borders/frames and gold text (gold and silver, actually) -- but I didn't get very far.

Here are samples of what I mean:
gold  silver

And, actually, it's a very (very) simple effect to produce.

What's annoying is how many steps it takes to explain how to do this simple thing! (smile) Once you've done it, you'll think it's the easiest effect around. (If you're even a little bit used to working with PSP, that is.) Seriously.

But I like to make sure I cover all the bases when I write these tutorials. The hardest part is including all the (damn) images, by the way. If I could write tutorials that skipped images, it would be a piece of cake! (sigh)

So I've no clue when I'll actually finish this tutorial...

(And we're only talking about version 9 at this point, too. That means doing it for both 7 and 8 at some point!)

Just imagine all the many, many tutorials I could write if I had more free time! (And more motivation, I guess. Sometimes it hardly seems worth the effort when it appears only one or two people are reading these tutorials... I must be tired, because normally I'm not bothered by any of this! I just assume lots of people read and use the tutorials, but don't bother to comment...)

Well, I know people want to know how I do 'gold' (and silver). So sooner or later I'll finish up. Honest! I will. (heh)

It's now 12:30, so it might be time to head to bed...

I sincerely do want to play tennis tomorrow!site stats

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