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Birthday Gifts -- Icons

Some bday icons for my LJ friends, as promised!

(Yes. I'm willing to do more, if any of you want them. Again, just let me know!)

For Becky:

Happy Bday, Becky!

Happy Bday, Becky!

For Gabrielle:

Happy Bday, Gabrielle!

Happy Bday, Gabrielle!

For Marrie:

Happy Bday, Marrie!

Happy Bday, Marrie!

Obviously I'd do a better job if I knew what each of you might have wanted in advance... but what the hell. I like these anyway. (grin)

I'm remain pleased with this icon style -- and in some cases I've expanded on it a bit by adding the animation. (That makes it just a tiny bit more tricky than the static version...)

Yes. I admit that I am feeling somewhat artistic today! (smile)site stats

Tags: 2006, august-2006, bday, bdays-lj-friends, beckyo, gabrielle, livejournal-friends, marrie

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