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Doctor Appointment

One of the things on my (mental) list today was to phone my GP and find out the results of the sample I took in a week ago this past Monday. (You know, the results they told me they'd phone me with that day...)

Anyway, they called -- someone from the lab (who didn't speak English all that well) phoned, that is -- and I had to make an appointment to come in again. Bringing in another sample wasn't good enough, apparently. They said I also needed to see the doctor (again).


Oh well. I couldn't get in this afternoon -- or this week. So I fortunately got the same day as my (new) dental appointment.

The doctor's appointment is on:

Tuesday, August 15 -- 9:30 a.m.

This time I'll be seeing my own doctor, who was on vaca last time I was in.

As for the PowerVac guy (Curt -- I've been spelling it wrong), he couldn't do the job today. (Yes, that comes after I've cleaned and moved furniture for two days!)

The people who had this house before us (probably two families ago, actually) remodeled and refinished the basement where our furnace is located. They literally built all around the furnace! It's so tight that Curt can't access the area he needs to get to!

And it seems that the only time he'll be able to do so will be when they're here to haul out the old furnace. So even though I was told to go to him, first, I now need to go directly to a company selling furnaces. (As Marilyn mistressmarilyn and sister Sue both said, "Why didn't anybody tell us this when we we're getting the referral to use him?" Considering I was talking 'new furnace' to the place that referred Curt, you'd think they'd have known better...)

I'll probably take three bids, though I do tend to favor our fuel company at this point.

Curt (and daughter Cari) were very nice, by the way. I'm sure I'll enjoy working with them.

So I'm now putting furniture back in place. (sigh) Well, it'll be nice to have things where they belong!

And I'm not sorry I did the cleaning (etc.), as the house needed it, anyway.

On a less happy note, I slipped in the bathtub this morning. I went to get in to shower and the mat slid! That never, ever happens -- so I was taken entirely by surprise. I bumped my leg against the smooth ceramic -- but hard enough to break the skin and hurt like billy hell. (I even cried a tiny bit.) That bitch is going to bruise. But what the hell, shit happens...

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