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Moderating -- Believe it or Not!

Believe it or not, I do occasionally moderate the various communities I belong to. (smile)

Well, I have a tutorial 'in the works' for the Paint Shop Pro communities (on how to do gold and silver text -- and effects), but it's not quite done yet. (Okay. No excuses -- I've just been distracted by other things! Like making a burn of the "Miami Vice" soundtrack -- as our habit is to never use the original, in case it gets messed up.)

Anyway, I wrote a 'Cheat Sheet' (tutorial?) for l_j_for_dummies, that those interested can see here. It explains how to create the LJ-specific HTML tags (code).

(Or, in other words, NO -- not everyone who has a LiveJournal account automatically knows how to make an lj-cut, or how to properly place a username or community name inside an entry...)

I think I might also post there about using Clients to post entries to LJ. And how to do the video code inside an entry. (Ever mindful about that road to hell and the paving stones...)

Anyway, I do try to answer as many questions as possible -- and keep up the community tags. But I'm bad about the memories there! Awful, in fact. (Do I ever need help with those!)

Still, at least I've done some moderation -- so I think I'll cut myself some slack... (grin)

In other news, Tom brought us by another box of chips today! Wasn't that sweet of him?

And I talked to cousin Linda for the first time in literally ages! (She's doing okay. Got a raise. Might be getting help with her housing issue. Meanwhile, her company picnic was today -- and she's spending the weekend at her sister Nancy's house...)

And we went for coffee at Starbucks and then to Target and Old Navy shopping. (We both needed some more tank tops...)

And we did finally find the "Miami Vice" soundtrack (as mentioned above) -- which we both really like! Good stats

Tags: 2006, august-2006, miami-vice, moderation

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