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Great Vacation Day!

Frankly, it was a great day, period. (smile)

After our morning of tennis in the park, we headed home and quickly changed for our trip up the Gorge.

Then we drove that incredibly lovely ride, stopping at McDonalds to get chicken and French Fries -- as the peacocks at Maryhill adore fries! (grin)

I've got many lovely photos to share -- so maybe I'll do that tomorrow...

Anyway, after having our picnic -- that included numerous peacocks -- we played with rackets and a shuttlecock for a bit. And 'ran through' a sprinkler (well, stood there while it sprinkled us). Much fun!

Finally we drove over to the nearby Stonehenge war memorial (more photos to come).

Then we drove home, getting back just in time to go see "Miami Vice" for the second time. (We liked it even better this time around.)

So now we're headed to bed, so we can hopefully get up at a reasonable hour in the morning to go play tennis again!

Oh. I must report that Kittie Scarlett was delighted when we got back, as she'd clearly been very lonely today... (Poor baby!)

Also, Marilyn's mistressmarilyn (boyfriend) Tom got the package we mailed off to him on Tuesday -- and Marilyn reports that he wrote and said he 'laughed out loud' when he opened it! Glad to see the humor wasn't lost on him. (smile)

Tom is such a great guy. And Marilyn is so happy to have him back in her life. (Hey, I am, too!)

(She very much misses the days that he doesn't write -- so his upcoming vacation will be difficult...) But we both hope he'll have a great time -- as he certainly deserves it after all the hard work he's done this year. (Especially this summer!)

We need to send him more 'little packages' in the future, I think. (grin)

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