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Miami Vice -- and Tennis!

We saw it! (Finally!!!) We went last night (late).

"Miami Vice"

I'm crazy about it. It blew me away. I really didn't expect to like it as much as I did. It took my breath away.

The only role I didn't care for was that of Lt. Castillo. If Mann didn't plan to stay true to that character, I feel he should have simply dumped the role and made a new lieutenant, instead. But then I was always a major Castillo fan! (smile)

I need to discuss this movie in some detail, so I'll wait. (Maybe until after we've gone to see it again.)

But I have to say I really think it was true to the TV series in many ways. And as a fan of the series (I saw every episode), I'm glad. Very glad.

Anyway, how fun to have this as a summer movie this year! (grin)

We did go play tennis today, though not for long. But it was great fun using the new ball hopper we bought!

And later we went out to for an early dinner (late lunch?) at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Yummy.

All in all, a very nice day!

Tomorrow's my dentist appointment -- and I suppose the sample should go in for the lab to check...

But hopefully we'll play more tennis!!! (And maybe go see 'Vice' again?)site stats

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