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Work Update for Today (House and Yard)

Well, this has been a very busy day!

First off, I awoke to ants in the kitchen (again). Not a happy thing!

Anyway, the day I cleaned the kitchen I already removed everything from the counters near the sink and scrubbed things like crazy (aside from rearranging everything). And I sprayed for ants that day, too. (sigh)

But I had to repeat it all today!

Then I went outside to do more work...

And came back in to even more ants on the same damn counter! Now what gives here???

So I had to repeat the process yet again. Again! (Ridiculous.)

But I refuse to actually use poison inside the house. (Unless it's those enclosed ant traps. In fact, I want to get some to stick under things and see it it helps.)

Anyway, the kitchen is close to done. (There are some jackets and tennis stuff that need picking up, but that's it.) I got the mopping done today.

And the living room looks quite nice!

The office is okay. (The floors need work, but I doubt I'll do them this week, after all.) It's not as organized as I hope it will end up, but it's an improvement over the past, so I'm happy with it.

My bathroom is only started, but will be easy to finish tomorrow. I'm going to use the new Kaboom products there. Oh. I also need to color my hair tomorrow! (It's not awful, but the roots need a splash of color...) Thinking of the bathroom reminded me, as I always do my coloring there.

I actually did some work on my bedroom yesterday, but I'll end up just closing the door. There are still stacks of clothing to sort through. (Most of which I'll probably get rid of. Sister Sue forced me to take a ton, so...)

I went back outside and did more there. (That's twice today, in other words.) Scraping moss off the patio bricks. We just get tons of moss here in Portland. I've been working on this project for ages now, believe it or not! But I think I finally finished today. (Go, me!)

I need to take photos of our back yard, which is really lovely this year. (It might be the nicest ever since we've lived here!)

Hector's new guys did a good job today, too. But they can't speak more than a word or two of English -- and I speak no Spanish. It's a pain to try and communicate with them. I ended up phoning Hector, figuring he could contact them and tell them I wanted things 'just so' for Friday... (They came much earlier than usual, which means I have yard debris that didn't get hauled off. But oh well.)

So, what else?

Well, it's hot and I'm sweaty (and tired). But hopefully we'll go play tennis tonight, even so.

I haven't really talked to Marilyn mistressmarilyn today, so I don't know if she's up for it or not. (I think she's having a bad day at work today, going by this entry that she posted today around 2 p.m.)

Okay, I really must do some laundry tonight, as I didn't get to it today! (damn)

And it's garbage night. No, I haven't really even started doing the garbage and recycling... (sigh)site stats

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