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Rackets and Balls ... Oh, My!

I forgot to 'officially' mention that some of our eBay purchases arrived today!!! (grin)

Marilyn's mistressmarilyn two Agassi rackets -- and my Slazenger tennis balls.

(But where, oh where, is the tennis bag Marilyn won? It should be here by now...)

It's such great fun to get these deliveries. (smile)

What other things am I forgetting to mention?

Oh, yes!

I almost forgot that I wanted to share some cleaning products with everyone.

(Click on the following images to visit the website.)

orange glo

The 'Orange Glo' company has provided us with many modern cleaning products, such as wood cleaners and OxiClean, for laundry and stains.

But my latest love is...


This above link will take you directly to the bathroom cleaner, which is just amazing! I mean it.

And if you haven't tried it, you simply must use...

bowl blaster

We've got some serious pipe and water issues with our toilets -- especially the one in Marilyn's mistressmarilyn bathroom. But Bowl Blaster really works wonders! (I've just started using it recently, so I'll try to update at some point with long-term use...)

I want to try the new 'NeverScrub' product, too -- so I'll have to hunt for it next time we shop.

Okay, I'm sure cleaning products are mundane to some -- but you try keeping a nice home without them! (smile) And one of my goals this year being to get the house more organized and cleaned, I find such things an enormous help!site stats

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