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Housework and Yard Work

I got a ton done in the kitchen today, in spite of the heat. I need to mop the floors, but otherwise it's looking good -- and far more organized than in the recent past...

The living room is picked up again. It only needs Scarlett's toys to be packed up for a short while (smile). And the floors need to be swept/dusted. Otherwise it looks fine.

The office isn't bad, either -- even though I have a couple of stacks of paperwork to go through. (And a few stacks of CDs to tackle, too!)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I ended up planting all of the many plants we bought, which took us a couple hours, I guess. But first we played 'lawn tennis' -- our new invention. (grin) We used Marilyn's two Agassi rackets -- and my ten Slazenger balls, which we're keeping for only that use. It amounts to us standing at opposite ends of the yard and carefully hitting a ball back and forth -- which helps our 'ball sense' and eye/hand coordination. (And is a lot of fun. We were grinning and laughing the entire time.)

And fortunately we didn't break anything!

(Which takes me back to years ago when we broke more than one window when we still lived at home with our parents... Ah, tennis!)

I think my back is feeling better, which is surely a sign that my infection is better. (I hope, anyway!)

I didn't reach Kurt (the PowerVac guy) to postpone our appointment -- but I did leave him a message. I'll try to phone him again tomorrow. In light of the heat and my health issues, we're (ideally) putting it off until the second week in August (we hope).

Basically that means I don't need to worry about really tackling my bedroom much this week unless I find the time. (Which I might, but I somehow doubt it...) And I suspect that with Marilyn on vacation the first week of August, we'll be spending much of the time playing tennis or doing other exercise and recreation. (smile)site stats

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