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Weather ... or NOT!

Yesterday was over 100° -- today they're saying around 96° for our high. (whew) I realize this might not sound hot to some of you, but we don't generally get 90-degree weather here in Portland. (And, no -- most people here don't have central air, thank-you-very-much!)

So it's currently around 77° -- but it certainly never cooled down worth a damn last night. Anyway, heat or no heat (and infection or no infection), I've got a bunch of cleaning I need to do this week!

Friday is the Staff picnic -- which is being held in the park near our home this year! So after the picnic we want to invite anyone who wants to drop by the house.

Yes, they'll probably be outside for the most part. Yes, the living room is pretty clean, really -- just a bit cluttered from our current tennis obsession. (heh) So, there's stuff to be done, but it's entirely do-able. I just need to get going and stick with it.

Just to get me started today, I woke up to a sink full of those tiny 'piss' ants. (grr) So I cleared off both sides of the counter -- which is a monumental task -- and loaded up the dishwasher and set it to run with the contents of the one side of the sink. (We generally keep the right side empty so we can use it -- and pile dirty dishes in the left side. Usually I've washed them off before they ever hit that side, for the record -- so it's not like they're caked with disgusting food or anything...)

I took the ant spray outside and tried to find the current nest that's bringing 'all the boys to the yard' -- but I'm not sure I located it. (I'll have to check again later.) The problem is that with this heat you can't find them as easily, as they stay down in the ground and don't 'mound up' as much. But I did spray the outside of the kitchen window we're they're clearly entering the house -- and inside the window itself. (I never like to spray poison in the house, if I can avoid it.)

So I guess I'm tackling the kitchen -- whether I'd planned to or not! (And I'd actually planned to start with my bathroom, but oh well.)

We also went and picked up an additional $50.00 worth of plants for the back yard yesterday, which I need to try and get planted today, if I can. They're well soaked, but the sooner they're planted the better! That should absolutely finish our planting for this year -- and have things looking fabulous for Friday.

Should I try and take photos to share? (I wish the damn camera worked better...)

I do seem to be somewhat better, though I've still got a backache. The bitch with that is that I can't take my normal dose of Naproxen -- which means my psoriatic arthritis is giving me fits, unfortunately. But pain is just pain, so I'll move on now. (grin)

Poor Scarlett was a basket case at one point yesterday! She wants to play -- heat or no heat. But she does so to the point where she's just panting, with her tongue hanging out. No matter what we did, we couldn't get her to calm down! Finally I took her into the bedroom with me, turned off all the lights and got her to lie on the bed, semi-calm (alternately chewing on a toy and panting). After a bit she went to sleep, so that was it. Until later that night. She just doesn't get it. (And she complains bitterly to us that we aren't doing anything about it. She seems to feel it's our fault!)

Well, loads of work to do, so I'd better get back at it!

F.Y.I.: Colin Farrell's going to be on the "Today" show tomorrow morning!

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