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Tutorials, Tutorials, Tutorials...

I've managed to do two tutorials today--both for psp8_fun.

I sort of feel like I can let members do psp7_beginners tutorials right now. (I think we had two new tutorials put up there today!) And as we've got a great 'back log' of tutorials there, I'm pretty much focusing on v8 of Paint Shop Pro right now.

Interestingly enough, it's not that difficult to grasp after you use it for awhile. At least, I'm finding it pretty fun to play around with!

Aside from writing tutorials, I spent the day helping my sister Sue with her computer (crashed and awful to mess with), running errands, making some small tweaks to the web pages I created for Rose Festival and doing a cribbage registration form for Sue's upcoming tournament. (She had cribbage tonight and wanted to get those run off to hand out tonight.)

I delight in having created a logo for her club! I made a custom brush that I can export into Word for things like this. Very fun! (Wow. Paint Shop Pro has a practical use that doesn't involve making icons! LOL. Joking, joking...)

Actually, I used PSP a ton while doing all those webpages I did on Friday and over the weekend! I don't know how I managed before I had PSP. (Of course, I've had it for so many years it seems like I've had it forever. LOL.)

Simon Cowell's on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. That should be fun. LOL.

Ryan Seacrest's show is entertaining. Certainly feels that 'hole' that used to be filled by TRL in this house! (Never the same since Carson Daly isn't on there...)

Makes me want to read some good Ryan/Simon slash! (Yes.) Where's Ry ryan_beaches when you need him??? (His writing is so good I feel genuine envy when I read it! LOL.)

Delighted to see that San Fran's mayor is standing pat on the same-gender marriage issue! He's pretty amazing. (I felt so excited for all my gay and lesbian friends this past week/weekend! Peter's greyday entry about it was very moving...

(I love hearing about his family, too! Say what they might, I don't believe right-wingers could ever convince me that he's not an amazing father! PJ pj_grey and Caitlin are lucky kids...)

I'm rambling from subject to subject tonight!

I've started another tutorial on making custom brushes to share at psp8_fun (hopefully this week). I played around with it and had some real fun making examples! And making some delightful tubes, too...

I keep wanting to make a batch of templates for icons, but I don't seem to be finding the free time.

Take note how my own icons generally suck. LOL. I love making nice ones for other people, but never 'waste' much time on my own!

My 'art' with PSP ends up at our webpages, I guess...

Watching a show in VH1 on Paris Hilton. I adore her. I know, I know--many of you hate her. (Hell, many of you hate Britney, too.) I don't care. I adore both of them!

"Toxic" is doing really well--both the single and the video. Love it, love it!

Ruben's current single is doing well on TRL, apparently. I'm glad!

Clay and Kelly were on Ryan's show yesterday pimping their concert tour. I find it amusing to think of them touring together for some reason...

Well, off to have coffee before bed!

Hope everyone is well and happy and not too busy to have fun!


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