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Physical Issue?

Okay, so I've had this back pain for around nine months now. Not constant, but close. I don't embrace the pain, because honestly I feel we're all meant to have a certain amount of pain in our lives -- so I deal with it and move on.

But when I read about back pain associated with psoriatic arthritis (as I discussed previously in this entry), I felt so relieved that I'd discovered 'an answer' to what was very different back pain for me. (Yes, I've actually been prone much of my life to lower back pain -- which might come from not having strong enough stomach muscles, to be honest! But I was used to this pain -- and the 'new' back pain was very different -- and seemed very 'internal.' That's not a good way to describe it, but it did not seem like a muscle pull or muscle cramp, anyway.)

WARNING: You may not want to read some of this, as it's pretty straightforward stuff. If TMI bugs you, then skip down, please.

I watch any back pain I have pretty carefully, as I was saying on the phone a minute ago to Marilyn mistressmarilyn. We had a good friend who complained for months and months to her doctor and others about back pain -- in this case upper back pain. Just after going for therapy for her back, she had a heart attack and ended up in the hospital. She died shortly thereafter... In other words, some back pain is a clear signal from the heart. (It was criminal that her doctor seemed to ignore her issues and never checked her heart. The doctor at the hospital as much as told her husband that she'd have survived if he'd done so. Until the day he died that poor man never gave up hope that he could sue her doctor. It wasn't about the money -- it was about making him pay for her death. A whole different story, of course...)

Let's just say I have my fair share of physical issues -- just like everyone else does. I don't spend all my time going on and on about them, because they don't define me, or my lifestyle. I mention them in my journal from time to time, more as a record than anything else.

Over the years I've discovered what a truly wonderful tool my LJ can be for keeping track of such things -- and the dates involved. In fact, when I wanted to remember which year I had surgery, rather than go to my desk drawer where I store my medical records, I came here and checked -- and found out within seconds. Oh. Yeah. The fact that the year doesn't jump out at me is just a sign of how I'm so totally 'over' surgery! (smile)

An Aside: I wish I'd been active at LJ back when my parents were both alive and going through their many (many) physical issues. (sigh) It was ten years of that with them. Seriously.

You think you'll be able to remember all the hospitalizations and surgeries and times in nursing homes and so on, but you don't. You simply can't. Later on my sisters and I were very sorry we hadn't kept notebooks about each parents issues, as we were always being asked by someone.

But then we'd see the hospital with these huge three-ring binders that were maybe three inches thick or more -- one for each parent! So if they didn't know the answers, how could they expect us to???

(Oh, and of course there was no LJ back when we were first dealing with this... But if there had been, it would have been wonderful!)

Anyway, just keep in mind that as mundane as such things may seem to post in your LJ -- even colds or the flu or whatever -- it can be good later if you need to recall when something like that happened to you. And not only your own physical issues, but those of family and friends. Memories can be so full with other things, after all.

Anyway, I felt slightly lousy Sunday night -- and had the runs on Monday (as I mentioned in passing here).

And I've got this damn rash on my neck, too! (Stupid rash.)

We were wondering if my feeling bad was related to the rash somehow. But now...

Anyway, I did a lot of work yesterday (as I mentioned here). Then when Marilyn got home from work, we went off to play tennis. When we were both too tired to lift our rackets, we went directly from the tennis courts to the grocery store to do some shopping. (Boy were we sweating as we walked around the deliciously cool store!) Then we headed home, finally.

But before we'd headed to the court, I'd had to pee -- and it was the strangest color! Actually brown, which I've never seen before in my life. (It's probably gross to hear, but I made Marilyn come in and look at it, it seemed so weird.)

Anyway, later in the evening after I'd cooked dinner and we'd eaten, I went to pee again. This time there was bright red blood -- quite a bit of it -- in my urine. And the paper I'd wiped with was bloody. And so was the panty liner in my undies... So, again, I made Marilyn look.

Plus I was having really, really bad back pain -- and some stomach pain, too.

We went on line (of course) and discovered there can be numerous reasons for bleeding years after a hysterectomy. But all those reasons require you to go see a doctor so the actual cause can be determined. In some cases this would mean an in-office treatment -- and in others it means another surgery. (And, yes, cancer is a possibility -- but only one of many.)

So Marilyn helped me finish up the garbage and recycling last night, as she was determined that I not lift anything else. Then I slept in this morning until 9:00 a.m. (so decadent) -- even though I did get up long enough to see Marilyn off when she headed early to work.

The upswing is that I phoned my doctor's office and discovered he's currently on vacation. But the lovely woman at the front desk put me on hold and went to see who was on call -- and what they wanted me to do. She came back and said they were 'cutting out the middleman' -- and sending me directly to my gynecologist! (That's unheard of, by the way. My insurance requires that I get referrals for every little thing. Even true for my after-surgery visits to her!)

So I have a phone call in to them. You get the receptionist, who gives you over to a recording that has you leave info so they can call back. Hopefully they'll call soon, as I still want to visit my friends for coffee today. (The three of us haven't just sat and chatted in ages -- plus they want to offer advice about the furnace.)

As a matter of fact, I'm so motivated to 'be good' right now -- both with exercise and diet -- that I picked up a platter of fruit at the store to take with me as a treat while we have coffee. (It looks lovely, by the way.) Recently I've cut back my eating -- and I'm watching what I eat. I'm not being a fanatic or anything close -- just being better about it. (I don't use the word 'diet' to mean I'm dieting. Diet simply means what I'm eating at any given time -- so it is always relevant, even when I'm eating foods I shouldn't...)

Oh. And when I spoke to him on the phone this morning, he mentioned they had a platter of donuts -- so the fruit was a good call on my part! (grin)

Sister Sue just dropped by to leave off blue berries, as she'd bought too many for her own use. (I just got done telling her all this 'news' on the phone before she came.) She's headed to Salem to visit a friend -- and I must admit I tried repeatedly to discourage her. We're headed for records highs (again) in the area. They're saying we'll be in the 100-degree vicinity and Sue's friend doesn't have air conditioning of any kind -- where Sue has central air at her home! But she's bound and determined, so I hope she has fun...

Now I'll pull myself together to go visit, so I'm ready after the doctor's office phones back. (Could they call, already?) I realize it's unlikely they'll be able to see me today, but it would be great if I could get in tomorrow. By the way, the bleeding is now only spotting, even if the pain is pretty bad. But as I've said, I don't mind pain. No big deal. Whenever someone goes on about it, I point to my armband tattoo. I mean, pain can be a very good thing -- so get over it. (smile) If I were to dwell on every little ache and pain, I'd never do a damn thing. (So stupid.)

I still need to work on those exercise LJs... Maybe later today...
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