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Household Duties -- and More!

I really need to do some laundry. I need to tackle my bedroom. Seriously! There are clothes everywhere. I think a 'clothes bomb' exploded in there. (sigh)

In fact, don't get me started on the list of things I need to do. It's longer than my arm...

But the good news? I've done the following today!

  1. I set up an appointment with my dentist.
    Marilyn mistressmarilyn wants me to see about this front tooth that's badly stained -- whether or not it needs to be cleaned, or have a laminate. (Isn't she the sweetest thing? She always worries about me...)
    August 1 -- at 2:00 p.m.
    (That's a Tuesday, during Marilyn's vacation week.)

  2. I washed a load of dishes.
    (Yes. I do love having a dishwasher.)

  3. I phoned our furnace oil providers regarding getting a new furnace -- or heat pump.
    No, I didn't set an appointment yet -- we're holding off until after getting the furnace and vents cleaned. And I'm undecided about whether to get multiple bids or not at this point. We've been using these people forever and I trust them to pieces...

    Edit: Can you tell that this all changed after I talked to Jim (listed below)? Now I'm sure I'll get at least one other bid...

  4. I set up an appointment with the PowerVac guy (Curt) -- he's going to vacuum out the (maybe soon-to-be-old?) furnace -- plus the vents.
    July 27 -- in the afternoon
    (That's a Thursday -- the week before Marilyn's vaca.)

    Caveat: This means I have to get my bedroom into shape, pronto! In fact, I need to do some serious cleaning around here. He'll need access to every single furnace vent in the house! Some are covered by furniture, etc. (sigh)

  5. I spoke (briefly) with our yard man regarding the yard. He was (finally) delivering our barkdust today.
    Unfortunately, Hector and I had our signals crossed when we spoke last week. (But I was glad to finally reach him, after waiting three weeks with no contact!) Anyway, I thought he was coming here on Monday -- and he'd thought it was Tuesday! He was here to oversee (and personally do) some of the work today, which included: laying the new barkdust around our deck and under the potted plants, trimming the spruce tree, hauling off the branches (etc.) -- plus a bunch of work I hadn't expected, frankly!

    (Yes. He did haul off the old air conditioner for me, too, thankfully!)

  6. I trimmed the roses -- a ton.
    Partly because they needed it, yes. But partly because I wanted Hector to haul off all the yard debris while he was here. Good motivation, clearly!

  7. I (finally) put the tablecloth on the picnic table.
    And as I posted earlier (in what I'd intended to be a private post), a 60" x 84" tablecloth works great!

  8. I took down the Fourth of July decorations.
    That includes packing almost all of them up -- to get ready to store them away. (whew)
    That's no small task, believe it or not!

    Note to Self: I need another large box to pack up the rest of the decos... (sigh)

  9. I rearranged a corner of the kitchen for our tennis supplies.
    Marilyn wanted to clear a place in the family room, but I have this feeling we'll want that gear kept upstairs! (Anyway, I'm going to see how it works out for now. We can always change it later on.)

  10. I cleaned off part of the large shelf unit in the garage, to make way for recently purchased can goods.
    It was hot in the garage today, by the way! (whew)

  11. I moved a ton of canned goods into the garage (and the shelf unit). Oh -- and I put our case of Wilson tennis balls there, too! I also put a bunch of other food away inside the house.
    Have I ever mentioned that we have a 'storage issue' in our home? There's just not nearly enough of it!

  12. I spoke (very briefly) to my friend June -- and at greater length to her husband, Jim.
    He wants to help me with the furnace choice, I think, which is sweet. They just had furnace work done at their house. Jim thinks their guy would give us a good rate -- plus do work not normally done by furnace companies. That sounds good to me!

    Note to Self: I'm going to try and have coffee with them tomorrow.

  13. I did a ton of the garbage and recycling.
    I need litter before I can do the cat box, though... (!!!)
    And if I'm going to put the newspapers out this week, I need to sort through them and pull the Festival-related things out. (sigh)

    Another Note: We clearly have to go to the grocery store, like it or not! And get kitty litter and milk (among other things). (double sigh)

  14. I've been picking up in the living room and kitchen, too.
    The kitchen could use mopping, but oh well. (smile)
    The living room rug? I'm not sure what it needs. Vacuuming is not going to do it. Maybe I could use some rug cleaner -- ??? Otherwise the living room isn't bad.

So... What about the next list?

Glad you asked! (smile)

I guess I need to make a huge list of 'To Do' items!

Yikes. (grin)

But look how much you can manage in a day if you put your mind to it. (As Marilyn always says, "The more you do, the more you can do!")site stats
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