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Tennis on Monday!

Even though I hadn't felt that hot during the day on Monday, I still wanted to go play the second Marilyn mistressmarilyn got home from work. (smile)

So we put on our tennis clothes and grabbed our bags and rackets and headed off...

It was a definite break-through session for both of us!

Marilyn summed it up by saying that our 'ball sense' was working -- and I'd have to agree with that. Things were finally coming together, anyway.

After not playing tennis at all in years, the first few times out were tough going. But it's really coming along now.

One of my next tasks is to set up our exercise journals that we want to keep, where we can each blog to our heart's content about tennis and other workouts... (smile) And then we could simply link things in our main journals, I guess. (Rather than go on about it here.)

EDIT: Yes, I know most of my friends would be delighted if I'd stop blathering on and on about tennis... (grin)

We'll see how that goes...

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