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Tuesday at the Office...

It was a long day. We didn't leave there until just past 7:30 p.m.

We were working (jointly) on Pinnacle Award submissions for IFEA. But natually Marilyn mistressmarilyn, had a ton of other work to do -- including several meetings. (Those endless meetings!)

My personal frustration yesterday was the (on-going) printer issue. (sigh)

The first of this year I got my own cube/station at the office. (For the first time ever.) The computer that was put there for my use is the 'image' computer, used by everyone/anyone when they want to scan something -- or burn a CD or DVD. (It's one of the only computers in the office that has a burner -- and it's external, at that! I don't know if there are any other scanner-equipped computers in house, but I somehow doubt it.)

Anyway, for whatever reason, the 'image' computer was never set up with the network-shared Dell color printer. I've tried to do that several times, but never could. (I can't even 'see' that printer on the list of available ones.)

There's a local color printer -- but I've never used it, either. (It's out of toner and not working currently.) Anyway, the work I was doing yesterday required being able to print color photos.

What to do? Well, I moved from (free/available) computer to computer, getting more and more frustrated -- that's what. Either the software I needed wasn't installed -- or worse yet, wouldn't work (!!!) -- or the computer didn't have access to the Dell printer, just like mine! (grr)

So I worked around it, of course. (We at the Festival are very good at working around issues, believe you me!)

Now the computer 'guru' (tech) for the office is coming out soon, so I jumped on that email and asked if this issue could (finally) be addressed. I certainly hope so, with the Centennial coming up. (I suspect I'll need to print a lot of color images...)

The fun for the day?

I got to join in the 'RF Boot Camp' lunchtime session for the day!

It was walking in the area, so I took in my (new) shoes, socks, sweatband and towel -- but neglected to take a tee to change into. No problem! There's always a 'spare' tee around the Festival office. (grin)

Oh! And I took my handy-dandy handweights, too.

It wasn't much exercise for the other three participants, but it was plenty for me. After Monday when I had the runs most of the day -- and hadn't had a bite to eat until after we came home from playing tennis. (My tummy was a bit upset and I just didn't feel like eating -- which would only have made me need to go more, anyway!) It was a puny day for me -- but didn't keep me from wanting to play tennis the second Marilyn got home from work. More about that in a separate entry, I think! (smile)

As for what was wrong with me, I couldn't say. I do have this nasty rash on my neck -- and seemed to have been running a fever on Sunday night. But who knows?

I only know it hasn't kept me from being active, which is what counts. Right? (Though I admit I didn't end up taking down the Fourth of July decorations until today, even though I'd planned to do that on Monday. Oh well.)

I ate fine Monday night after tennis, just for the record. And ate pretty sparingly yesterday, which I could stand to do for a long, long stretch of time! (grin)

The office is pretty quiet this time of year, with lots of people out on vacation, etc. But there was considerable 'bustle' as we all tried to finish up Pinnacle-related projects! More than once I ended up printing on the wrong paper because signals were crossed about who was using the color printer...

Anyway, Marilyn wrote some wonderful submissions (as always). I didn't get to read any of the other submissions, but I'm sure we'll end up bringing home a lot of gold awards again this year!

Marilyn finished up the last of her part this morning -- working it in between meetings. Well, actually, she had one meeting while actually working on it! (smile)

She kept the 'pirate proclamation' that she and I made for the Opening Ceremony, not wanting to lose it. (IFEA doesn't return any submitted items, I'm afraid.) I think I'll always look back fondly on us bringing home that oversized parchment with the printed text so we could burn around the edges using a candle. (It's a wonder we didn't set the house on fire...) Then we 'distressed' it a bit and rolled it up and tied it with a piece of leather. (smile)

I'm running off on a tangent here, so I'll stop now. Anyway, it was a long, busy day.

So what really bothered me about yesterday? We got home too late -- and too tired -- to go and play tennis!

(Yes, we are very focused on our tennis right now -- and loving every minute of it!)

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