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A Drive Up the Gorge...

We took a drive today with sister Sue, going for Starbucks (I had the Tangerine frappuccino fruit blend, that's made with Tazo tea) and then heading up the Columbia River Gorge.

Tangerine Frappuccino

We decided to show Sue the Twin Tunnels from the Mosier end (which we prefer over the Hood River side).

Mosier Twin Tunnels - path

As for these tunnels, here's a quick history lesson... (smile)

The Historic Columbia River Highway was constructed between 1913 and 1922 and provided an east-to-west route through the Columbia River Gorge that allowed enjoyment of the incredible natural beauty of the area. This highway served millions of travelers and became one of the grandest in the nation.

But when transportation needs required larger roads, sections of the old highway were bypassed. By the 1960s a new interstate highway had replaced almost the entire old road. This four-mile stretch of the old highway that lies between Mosier and Hood River -- and which includes the Mosier Twin Tunnels -- was closed and filled with rock.

But in the last decade (or so), interest in the old highway brought about the resurrection of several portions -- including the Twin Tunnels area. It's not wide enough for vehicles these days (having been built for Model Ts), but makes a great hiking and biking trail!

While we were there we kept seeing chalk marks on the road -- and Marilyn mistressmarilyn figured there must have recently been some kind of race there. I discovered there was indeed a run (the Mosier Twin Tunnels Run) -- just this morning, as a matter of fact! Marilyn said she wished she'd known about it, so she could have participated!

Anyway, we walked all the way in to the dedication overview area with Sue. This is something she couldn't have done before her surgery this past January -- and subsequent life-saving weight-loss. (Marilyn and I have been there several times, though I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before in my journal...)

Sue's doing really well. She even came over to the Columbia Park courts yesterday and played tennis with us! (And she was connecting with the ball really well, too.)

It was hot there -- but certainly a lovely summer day. We dubbed it a perfect 10! (smile)

(Yes, as shocking as it is, we actually skipped playing tennis today!!! Awful. I hope we'll play tomorrow, though...)
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