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Airshow Crash in Hillsboro (Oregon)

Yes, the Airshow used to be a Festival event for many years. It became a separate event after the 2002 Festival (in the fall).

There was an awful crash today that distroyed a home and killed the pilot -- but thankfully didn't kill anyone on the ground. (If you could see the film we're watching on TV, you'd realize what a miracle this is.)

There's a story on it here, but it appears to contain a number of inaccuracies.

The plane was a 1951 Hunter Hawker, appearing as a static display at the show. The pilot was from California, apparently headed home when the crash occurred, right around 4:30 p.m.

Just terrible.

It was one of those things we constantly worried about when the Airshow was still a Festival event, by the way. Marilyn mistressmarilyn just said she thinks that will be the end of the Hillsboro Airshow. (This is exactly the kind of thing that ends events...)

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