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Marilyn's Muscles

I just had to mention how playing tennis pops the muscles in Marilyn's mistressmarilyn upper right arm! Wow.

We were talking today about how she's changed her body physically since our early days of tennis. She totally worked her upper body over the years and built up her shoulders and back. It's an amazing difference that most people wouldn't believe -- but somewhere I've got the 'before' photos to prove it. (smile)

But the end of summer, we're both going to be in much better shape. You can take that to the bank...

Yeah, we tried to get our sister Sue to go with us today, but she bogued, saying it was 'too hot.' (Hardly! Especially not with the heavy breeze in the park.) She used to play tennis all the time before her weight got out of control -- and she's been talking a lot about wanting to play now that she's lost so much...

Tags: 2006, july-2006, sister-sue, tennis

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