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Nadal in Car Accident!

Oh, no! Rafael Nadal was in a car accident!!!

Part of the report reads:

Spanish news agency Europa Press reported that a woman who lived nearby went to investigate after hearing the noise of the accident and found Nadal dizzy but unhurt.

She said the tennis player recovered after having a drink at her house and the car was taken away by a tow truck.

(I'm sure they're referring to a 'drink' of water, by the way. Rafa is a very nice boy...)

In a later report, they quote Nadal:

"As you will have been able to find out through all the different means of communication, I had a minor accident, not serious, this morning at 9:30 when I was driving to the port of Puertocristo on Mallorca. I had been with some friends to go fishing and when I went over a pothole I lost control of the car a little and it made me bump into an electricity pylon. The speed that I was doing was very little (around 30 km/h) and it was all OK.

"Let me tell you that I spent a fantastic day fishing with my friends. We caught something like 30 fish. I will carry on enjoying some days off; it's been a long time since I had some time off."

It goes on to report that Nadal will be skipping defending his title at the Synsam Swedish Open, which is a smart move. (I'm sure he can use the rest before the U.S. Open!)

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