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Yes, it's the TV Meme! (smile)

This goes on forever, so consider yourselves warned! (grin)

(No, I don't remember who I gacked this from -- but I've seen it several times now!)

The following is the (current) really huge TV meme!



From the following list of TV shows...

BOLD if you've seen three (3) or more episodes.

BOLD and ITALICIZE if you've seen every single episode.

ADD five (5) shows -- but be sure to keep the list in alphabetical order!

Here's My List!Collapse )

Okay, okay, okay... Yes, I could go on and on and on. But I'll stop myself now. I used to be quite a TV-aholic! (grin)

I don't think I'm supposed to tag anyone, but I'd love to see what all my LJ Friends have to say! (And of course I want to see Marilyn's mistressmarilyn list -- and whether we have it the same or not... Plus she'll think of shows I'm forgetting to mention!)

Oh! And this inspired my new 'TV' icon, too...
TV icon

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